Vache Liegee leather

  1. Is Vache Liegee leather hard to the touch?

    I'm not too familiar with this leather - but like the fact that it's lightweight.
    Any comments are welcome!

    I felt Fjord awhile back and believe it was hard to the touch.
  2. yes its hard and stiff (its a bit like matte epsom)-its also about $500 more than sat togo or clemence
  3. There is one comfortably sitting in the Montreal Boutique. It's quite lovely to the touch...looks a bit plasticky. Incredibly lightweight and from what I understood on of the more expensive non-exotique leathers.
  4. Yes, it's hard to the touch, probably more so than fjord if possible

    Some of the colors in it are lovely but I dont think its worth the extra $500 over Togo, clemence, fjord, epsom, box, etc

  5. I agree--I dont like it much because it has that same slightly plastic-ky quality of epsom.
  6. VL is a stiff leather. It is wonderfully durable and unlike epsom to me, has a multi dimensional quality that adds depth to the leather. At first, I was not a fan, but over time, this leather won me over and I fell in love! I ended up getting a 32cm Gold VL Kelly that I love to bits! It is durable, mid-weight, and gorgeous! I must warn you- it is NOT a photogenic leather. In fact, i would say that it is rather camera shy. To capture its true beauty, you really must see it in person. You won't be disappointed and in fact, if you love a structured leather- VL is a treasure.
  7. I saw a brique seller kelly in VL last week -- it was a beautiful warm colored bag.
  8. A Birkin??
    Geez - plasticky doesn't sound very good does it?:sad:
  9. My Herbag is VL, and it's hard to the touch, yes, but very light and durable and I LOVE it.


  10. I was told by my stores director that VL is actually pressed leather, so it is a natural grain, but it is pressed, or rolled, so that is is flatter, and a bit stiffer, but still has the beautliful natural graining patterns of togo or clemence...As if you were to take togo or clemence and flatten it.

    Epsom, on the other hand, is embossed, meaning the graining you see is applied to the leather with a kind of stamping process. It is a thinner leather than VL, and the embossed pattern is manmade.

    RBB, i think your bag is vache naturelle...very pretty herbag, BTW!!!
  11. vache liagee is stretched --numerous times
  12. I agree.
    The Herbag doesnt look like VL at all. Cute bag BTW
  13. That makes sense, too...I think he said that it was also stretched. that is why it is a bit thinner, as well as flatter. But it has quite a different "hand" when compared to epsom. More leathery, IYKWIM... IMHO.
  14. Thanks everyone so much!!

    So, I guess a Birkin in Vache Liegee is a nice bag that many of you
    would be happy with -
    I treasure all your opinions very much and it's such a big help since many of
    you are very experienced with the leathers.