TV Shows with Hermes

  1. Dies et Hore 90cm

    Making a Murder: Season 2 Episode 5

    One of the lawyers is wearing it

  2. IMG_0597.jpg
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  3. Balcons du guadalquivir tea set on Another Era.
    BalconsTeaCup3.png BalconsTeaCups2.png BalconsTeaCups.png
  4. Mom season 6 episode 7, in Jill's closet. Spotted at least two birkin bags :smile:
    Screen Shot 2018-11-09 at 10.42.59 PM.png
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  5. 0BB15F82-B0A2-4795-812B-559C37FB71AF.jpeg E3F845FD-1DD0-4E64-8B44-9A2AD37BBFF2.jpeg
    Old episode of Sex and the City with Carrie wearing an H belt. I guess if you’re going raid your ex’s closet after falling into a pond, grabbing his Hermes belt is as good as it can get...
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  6. New Korean series, boyfriend. I believe the Kelly is Hye-kyo Song's own. boyfriend ep1.jpg
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  7. I saw this one too.
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  8. Bodyguard on Netflix. I may have spotted the character Anne Sampson carrying a black Birkin, but too fast for me to be sure and my husband thought it silly to run it back.
  9. Do you remember which episode? I think I'm only on episode 2. I'll keep my eyes open.
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  10. looks like at least one of the props is fake ! the handle on the blue one in the back looks funny.
  11. I think it is episode 3. She walks into a conference room and takes a seat at the table. Hard to see bag is detail.
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  12. I’m not surprised it’s a Birkin. A Kelly would take too long to get in and out of. Not an assassin’s first choice :lol:
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  13. The Kominsky Method[​IMG][​IMG]
  14. We were watching Legally Blond this wknd. During the “Bend and Snap” scene, she wears an Hermès CDC.
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  15. TV show Dirty John. I think I saw a black Birkin in Veronica's safe.
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