TV Shows with Hermes

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  1. Mary Berry (sp?) wears Hermes scarves on the Great British Baking Show Masterclass.
  2. SMILF season 2 episode 3...... even if you’ve never seen this show, try to watch this one episode. Almost the entire episode is about Birkins. It’s hilarious.
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  3. $23,000 for a Black Togo/Epsom B30 (I think?) wonder the general public is so off base with Birkin prices. Never saw this show before but watched this episode after reading your post. The Connie Britton/Hermes segments were fun. Thanks for the tip!
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  4. Ok - I just watched it! Sunglasses and La Mer! Connie Britton is pretty funny! This is the 1st thing I've seen her in where I thought she great. Refreshing character change for her! Why was the bag 23K???? Makes no sense.
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  5. I agree about Connie Britton. Thought she was great in this. And the price of the B was way off base. But I thought her meltdown in the store was so funny. I wish I knew how to copy that segment and post it here.
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  6. Prices are exaggerated all the time, on articles, etc. They always mention reseller prices...
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  7. B99 S6E8

    Screen Shot 2019-03-09 at 10.47.41 AM.png Screen Shot 2019-03-09 at 10.58.04 AM.png
  8. Scandal Season 2 Episode 14
    I was watching this on Netflix and had to rewind a few times before I could capture a pic.

  9. D5FA756F-96D6-4E27-A4D9-64DE33E7F12A.jpeg ABDE4AB6-F3B1-4A51-9B20-D8BA41D06F7D.jpeg 56FE990C-D4AC-42F3-8056-7DF4289F914D.jpeg 1C934393-14A5-4963-AF0A-C5C8BB123A33.jpeg FE6CF2C8-23FF-4D6D-91A6-A7411DD653A6.jpeg Older season of VEEP with a Kelly then a few from tonight’s episode with the H belt. JLD looks amazing!
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  12. Life in Pieces season 4 episode 2

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  13. Bosch season 5 episode 6. Lawyer Honey Chandler has a grey Kelly which also appeared later in the season. She wears it with white beige or other neutral outfits and looks great!
    20190607_103922.jpg 20190607_103855.jpg
  14. Oldie and a goodie. In Entourage, Vince's publicist Shauna has a white birkin.
  15. Get Shorty season 2 episode 14.
    20190607_105154.jpg 20190607_105137.jpg