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  1. Gossip Girl season 2 episode 4


    s03e04_2.jpg s03e04_1.jpg
  2. Hi Lutz, thansk for sharing.
    I actually noticed Teresa Mo wears a lot of different Birkins in the weekday sitcom, I think maybe sponsored :smile: I'll see if I can get scrren shots.
  3. Sorry, should be season 3. :smile:

  4. Thanks, dear IceEarl. The show's got a re-seller as a sponsor. :smile:
  5. The Rachel Zoe Project

    season 2 episode 1



    season 2 episode 2

    s02e01.jpg s02e01_2.jpg s02e02.jpg
  6. The Rachel Zoe Project

    season 2 episode 3



    season 2 episode 4

    s02e03_clutch.jpg s02e03_white B.jpg s02e04.jpg
  7. Gossip Girl season 3 episode 5

  8. Sex and the City. I don't know the exact season and episode, but this is the one where she's having lunch with the British gay guy she met at a gay club the night before.

  9. I would love to see them! Do post.:yes:

    Thank you for the screenshots, Lutz and Allan! Can't wait for Sex and The City movie 2!
  10. Thanks, allan, Love SATC!

  11. Oops, can someone teach me how to capture screenshots? :-P
  12. On Windows, you can press Print Screen, paste to Paint, save as JPG.

    On Mac, you can use the Grab application, choose the Selection option, capture, save (it will only save as TIFF), open the saved file (will launch the Preview appliction), then save as JPG.

    I know, Mac is tedious with screenshots but I still love it.
  13. CBS Sunday Morning (10/11/09) aired a segment on Barbra Taylor Bradford (author, Woman of Substance). She was carrying a Birkin, either Havanne or Rouge H, Flap closed, straps dangling, in another scene, she was carrying a 2 toned Bolide. She was wearing a Plisse scarf while typing.
  14. Thanks alot, janney. I found the video on YouTube but it is not high definition. Sorry. :smile:



    Barbara Taylor Bradford.jpg Barbara Taylor Bradford_2.jpg Barbara Taylor Bradford_3.jpg
  15. Lutz, I am "technically challenged" - thank you for posting those pics! Janney