TV Shows with Hermes

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  1. 840A0037-9CB0-4DF5-A163-E3F242AA4F29.jpeg Cheers Season 11 Episode 9: Kelly offers to give Rebecca an Hermes scarf once a week to keep her hands off of Woody.
  2. Don't we all wish we had a Kelly (literally and figuratively) in our lives!
  3. NCIS season 14 episode 16 congresswoman with birkin
  4. Suits Season 8, first episode - JPG Shoulder Birkin carried by Katherine Heigl's character, Samantha Wheeler.
  5. The Affair season 4 episode 5. Looks like a gold Birkin.
  6. CDC bracelet in Priceline commercial.

  7. Suits Season 4, Episode 4 - "Leveraged". I spy Tohu Bohu turned into a top!
    IMG_2727.jpg IMG_2729.jpg
  8. Gorgeous Les Leopards 90 silk scarf, worn by South Korean actress Nam-joo Kim in Episode 12 of "Misty"
  9. Z
  10. White Birkin being carried by Joan Collins character in AHS: Apocalypse. IMG_9562.jpg
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  11. 6E089517-CF24-428D-80F1-A1B4B9B9035F.jpeg 417D2FAA-578B-41A1-B18D-07EAF2318511.jpeg DB902968-BF44-439C-B7F0-43DE38CD5C2F.jpeg Karen Walker with a Birkin (of course!). Will & Grace, “Staten Island Fairy” episode 11, 2018
    The prop department have it locked, made me laugh, Karen would have trouble reaching her flask that we KNOW she has in her bag
  12. The new season has started?! I cannot wait to go home and watch :heart:
  13. Not yet, this was from last season, can't believe I missed that Birkin! Season premiere is October 4th, awaiting the hilarity and the perfectly placed Hermes as well...
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  14. LOL. I remember noticing that when it first aired (although I was thinking more about her accessing her pills. :biggrin:)
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  15. Theres plenty of Birkin's as well on Netflix's Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt, where Jane Krakowski who plays Jacqueline Voorhees wears B35's in Gold, Black and White.