TV Shows with Hermes

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  1. SPF-18 on Netflix with Molly Ringwald
    Etoupe Kelly

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  2. Entourage season 2, episode 14, Vince's publicist Shauna has a white Birkin 35.
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  3. Anyone watch New Amsterdam? This exchange had me shaking my head...

    IMG_0679.JPG IMG_0680.JPG
  4. How to get away with murder.
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  5. Song Hye Kyo filming her new drama “Boyfriend” IMG_4526.jpg
  6. IMG_1727.jpg IMG_1728.jpg

    Great B-parade!
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  7. Wow, I'm impressed with the amount of H goods on TV, even going back to Cheers !! You guys have eagle eyes. By the way, how do you get a screenshot of the show ? is it thru Netflix?
  8. You beat me to it lol Love that show...
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  9. I’m obsessed with that show and I was so happy because it’s the first time I spot an H on any of my tv show. I was like I gotta upload this even though I’m in bed lounging and watch it through my iPad. :giggle:
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  10. Haha I instantly hit rewind to make sure I saw what I saw lol
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  11. Tbh I did the same too!!! Like literally...I always complain about Annalise’s bag collection but Bonnie stepped it up.
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  12. Total cringe. I mean, the woman had $10 million hanging over everyone's heads. I much enjoyed Dr. Helen's later scene in the elevator with Dr. Bloom.
    Dr. Bloom: "Hey."
    Dr. Helen: "Hi."
    Dr. Bloom: "Nice bag."
    Dr. Helen: "You want it?"
    Dr. Bloom: "Rough day?"
    Dr. Helen: "Just the ongoing discovery that the world thinks that I'm a fraud."
    Dr. Bloom: "Well, I kinda doubt that."
    Dr. Helen: "Seems my outside commitments have relieved me of all credibility. And this was a gift, by the way."
    Dr. Bloom: "Look, I get that you're upset. But you're amazing. You're an excellent physician and you've raised a ton of money for this place."
    Dr. Helen: "Patients don't care about that. Nor should they. They just want a doctor they could trust and right now Dr. Helen isn't worth trusting."
    Dr. Bloom: "Then tell them why they should."
    Dr. Bloom: "Oh, hey. Can I really have that bag?"
    Dr. Helen: "Piss off."
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  13. I love this scene too
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  14. Any guesses what color it is? Rouge Grenat?
  15. Paperoles 90 silk from spring 2017.
    From The Romanoffs Season 1 Episode 1, "The Violet Hour."
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