Tom ford flap over zip bag

  1. 4K is too much for that bag. I have the Natasha crossbody bag. Love it!
  2. I didnt know but my sa said it comes in two sizes and Jen has been carrying small size which is priced around 3600 USD.....:tup:
  3. Did a woven version come out of this bag? I was at the Disney park and saw this woman wearing the same bag in a woven leather. I could not stop staring at her bag unfortunately because it was beautiful!
  4. really i dont know for sure......but i doubt it maybe it was a fake.....
  5. Some Neiman Marcus stores now have Tom Ford boutiques inside (similar to the Chanel and Louis Vuitton boutiques inside Neimans, Saks and Nordstroms). The NM on Michigan Ave now has one which recently opened. While I didn't see the Zippered hobo (they sold the ones they had), I did see Carine bag, which was absolutely stunning, but the clasp was next to impossible to open - in fact, three SA's couldn't open the bag! Finally a 4th one came along and opened it (but then none of us could do it again!).

    The details were amazing, however - the leather was thick and soft and incredibly durable, much higher quality than MbyMJ bags and the hardware is heavy and solid. I believe the SA said that Tom Ford gets his leather from the same places that Hermes does (which would explain why some people have compared TF bags to Hermes!) It's no wonder the bags carry such high price tags - they were unlike almost any other bag I've ever seen! (but at that price, I want a bag that's easy for me to get in and out of, not one that needs a scientist to open!)

    (and altho I didn't see the zippered hobo at the boutique, ironically that same day I saw a woman walking outside the Marc Jacobs boutique with Jennifer Aniston's bag! It took everything I had not to approach her and ask if I could manhandle her bag! :p)
  6. i got mine amonth ago or so and i have not used it but it is beautiful bag:yahoo:
  7. Hi ladies! I'm absolutely in love with this bag, but sadly I live nowhere near a tom ford store. Does anyone know if this is still available, and where might get it? Any help would be appreciated, thanks!
  8. You can call tomford boutique and they can locate
    and ship to you. You can call bev hills, Lasvegas
    or NY.....good luck😃😃
  9. Loving this bag too... will be looking for one similar to add to my (miniscule!) collection! The leather looks so divine too. I wonder how big this bag actually is, and how much you can fit in there. Does anyone have one they would be willing to take a few pics of, so I can see just how much it can hold? It looks a perfect size when Jennifer is wearing it. Also, I read somewhere it's not really a cross-body bag, more a shoulder bag, due to length of the strap, but I would imagine you could adjust the strap to fit... it's doubled over after all, isn't it??
  10. There was a lot of talk about this bag in the JA Celeb thread as well. You might be able to find the dimensions of the bag there. I'm not too sure whether or not this style is made anymore.
  11. It comes in two sizes small and large and the black that jen has been carrying is small and i have a small one and has seen large was too big for me and i am 5'1" and you would not probably want toput too much there as it would make it bulky ..... and yes it is not crossbody bag even with adjusting the strap but can be worn acroos the body and it hits upper part of hip but it is meant for wearing on shoulder ....either way it looks really cute:smile::smile::smile:
  12. Just wondering if the flap part is a separate small pocket on the front, or if this opens the main part of the bag? If that makes sense... or do you lift the flap up to reveal the opening to the main bag? Thanks! Still loving the look of this bag. :drool: :lol:
  13. The bag is one piece and folds over and it opens the main bag
    you are right about that😊
  14. That's great... love it even more! I wonder how much it can hold comfortably. Generally (having two small children) I tend to carry a change of clothes for the smallest one and a little medical kit - just in a small zip bag - and a bottle of water, wallet, keys and a lipgloss etc. I'm assuming this bag is fairly new to his line as I can't find a lot of information on it. Makes it hard to research!
  15. I don't suppose you could post some pics of your bag and its contents..?

    We need some review videos on youtube! That would be ideal! Will just have to wait patiently I guess and one might appear one day! (Not suggesting you should do one!).