Tom ford flap over zip bag

  1. I don't know what mine s called.. It's a big black hobo with a big gold zip on the top and one on the really is gorgeous it was 2450.00 euros but IMO well worth it ,the leather is just like my shoulder birkin....!
  2. I went into the BH store the day it opened to look at the bags. I had seen this one online and wanted to see it IRL. The zippers are his signature look. The bag is heavy since the leather is VERY thick and substantial. It is heavy without anything inside of it. If you like the look and don't mind having a sore shoulder, this bag is for you.
  3. I paid $8,950 plus tax for my blue jean 35 Birkin last year.
  4. Prices have gone this year....yet again, after tax (I pay almost 10%) it's already in the 5 digits.:shocked:
  5. I just bought the carine bag in Vegas today....the rounded's a beautiful bag...but now looking online I see that Jennifer Aniston is carrying the same bag but a more rectangle shape. The price listed for jennifer's bag is around 2600, whereas I paid 3450...seems a little strange. Just wondering if anyone knows how much the rounded cairn should be. Thanks!
  6. :drool:
    I want this bag.
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    I love Jen and her sense of fashion. However, she outdid me on this one and I had no choice but to look for a replica. I found it and I own it. It is beautiful and I have received many compliments. I figured I would share the link.

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    If you can stomach the thought of a replica, I promise you wont be sorry!
  8. I love this bag, I agree $4k, is too much!
  9. I love the bag!!!!:smile:
  10. It's an Oryany. It certainly isn't the Tom Ford but it sure is nice in its own right.
  11. i just got my tom ford carine bag...i'm in love:smile:
  12. :woohoo:Oooh! Modeling pics!!!
    BTW, you're doggie in your avatar is adorable!
  13. OMG!!! i LOVE that bag and didn't know what it was called!!! unfortunately, i don't have 4K either, but i LOVE that bag!!!!