Tom ford flap over zip bag

  1. I just can't see these bag prices in this bad economy! It's just wrong.
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  3. the bag is beautiful, but 4k? I would lock the thing into the passengers seat and put the seatbelt over it.
    Lord have mercy, that's expensive.

    But, can't blame her, if she has the money... lol
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  5. I saw the brown one for 50% off at the Tom Ford boutique in Beverly hills two weeks ago. I still thought it was too expensive. (All their bags were half off)

    The bag is a stunner in person, tho.
  6. I can confidently say I will never own this beautiful bag. No way would I pay that sort of money for any handbag. And it's an awful pity that the All Saints one is sold out. Just my luck!
  7. Linea Pelle has had that style for years now - I think Tom Ford copied it!
  8. It's a great looking bag, but don't think it looks like a 4k (or even 2K on 1/2 off) bag.
  9. Not to enable, but there's one for sale on eBay at the moment (£99 starting bid, no bids and four days to run). However, I would urge some caution, as I've found AS leather to be a bit plasticky, and the pics on this eBay listing do nothing to reassure me that this would be different.

    The TF bag is lush, though :love:

    - Lips
  10. i am going to call Tom ford store in am.... i love this bag
  11. I love the bag too, but Im guessing Jen didn't pay for it. So many celebs get things for free, or on loan to boost sales, even if they touch things and get "caught" ala Kardashian style they are paid or given some thing in return.

    I am debating on a MBMJ crossbody, I love them. Just deciding on color and which one, petal or no petal lol
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  13. 4k? I like the bag but I didn't think it looks THAT expensive.