Tom ford flap over zip bag

  1. A classic Chanel's easily 4K these days, and Birkin's well over 10K after taxes.....not that 4K's not much, but it doesn't buy much either anymore.
  2. 4K for a simple leather bag? Does it scratch your back as well?
  3. :giggles:
  4. I just bought a tom ford bag today.. It is stunning...quality is amazing happy....:smile:
  5. Looks very comfy
  6. Now that's a very sad statement!
  7. I have this purse. I love it. I can't even tell you how much compliment I've gotten. I've had people stop me in the street asking me where I got my bag in US and Europe. I had SA's at LV store, SA's at NM asking me about my bag!

  8. Which one did you get?
  9. don't get me started, lol:smile:

    btw, the bag's not very lightweight for those of you who's interested in it.
  10. not worth it
  11. i would love to see pics birkin girl:smile: which bag did you get?? i love the flap over tom ford bag!
  12. CanadianN - That bag looks gorgeous on you! You wear it nicely. No wonder you are getting compliments! Enjoy!
  13. I think it's beautiful, but not for 4K. Agree that bags are super expensive these days. Still, 4K is a lot of money. I don't think I will fork over that much money for it. The leather look so lush though. :smile:
  14. Thanks. The leather is butter soft and TF didn't skip on the details.
  15. I saw this bag in the TF boutique the last time I was in vegas. I thought it was very cute but too expensive for me.