TODS Lovers III, show me your JP TODS TODS

  1. OMGosh, the leather looks so yummy!!! Enjoy her, beautiful!!
  2. ^^^hmmmm, just making sure I am not missing one of your reveals!! hahaha:lol::winkiss::winkiss:
  3. snoopylaughs: that is one gorgeous bag! congratulations :smile:
  4. thanks! i'll try calling tomorrow... i didn't know about that outlet. i only tried the ones at woodbury and cabazon.
  5. There is also an outlet in Orlando.
  6. Thanks everyone!! Yeah, it was love at first touch, the textured sheepskin leather is just really special. :swoons:

    Good eye Kroquet! :tup: You don't miss a beat!
  7. LT bag lady: you should get it! :graucho:
  8. I must resist, just got 2 Bottegas :yahoo:, but it is very tempting, keep going back to see if it is still there...
  9. ^Hehehe. Waiting for your BV reveals :p The blue reminds me of BV cobalt, a very lovely striking color. It is a great "throw-around" everyday bag.
  10. I love the G-bag. I have been using mine non-stop since I bought it. I saw the new colors for fall/winter and I am definitely going to buy another one in dark brown. It's the perfect size for me and definitely "throw-away" but with style ;)

  11. I am definitely getting addicted to Tod's. I love the Helmut Bauletto. I am considering the blue one, but will wait for the sales to see what happens.... Congrats on your purchase. it is a great bag (that's why I want it :nuts:)

  12. Ooh, this is on my wishlist in the Neiman Marcus website!!! Gorgeous! :nuts:
  13. I own the Red patent Restyled D bag and it goes everywhere w/me (and I'm a manager at a conservative technology firm). That bag goes with EVERYTHING! It's not your typical patent -- not too shiny and the red is very deep - not too flashy. I even use it as a carry on aboard planes. It's one of my smartest buys of all my designer bags.
  14. Thanks so much for this information! Appreciate the post!