TODS Lovers III, show me your JP TODS TODS

  1. [​IMG]

    justwatchin: this looks fantastic! Look forward to seeing you post your buy when you get it.

    A Tod's sub-forum will be excellent!
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    I just checked out the sale yesterday in the store (which was a mad house) and helped my friend to buy this. The pashmy bauletto in blue. The color is gorgeous.
  3. From what I've seen the subforums are created when a group of "fans" of a certain brand clutter up the board with their comments..."look at my new Tano bag" or whatever. Whereas the Tod' fans have been keeping their comments in one thread. I think it also has to do with the "fans" and the other TPF members (who are annoyed by the fans of the brand) asking the mods (multiple times) to look at creating a sub-forum. I don't know if Tod's has enough interest, but I'd like to see a sub-forum.

  4. I'm vexed! The sale is going on in Singapore's Tods boutique but the Pashmy Sacca Media Hobo in gold is out of stock!! And I am unable to order through eluxury as they require credit cards to be issued in U.S only. Damn, my HG bag is a just mouse click away yet I can't have it. I'm not willing to pay full retail price for it!
  5. I went on Tod's shopping frenzy as soon as I arrived in Bangkok lol
    I've purchased about 4 bags so far! 3 Tod's G-Bag Easy Sacca Grande (30% to 40% off)
    And 1 Restyled D-Bag Bauletto Medio in Brown (50% off), beautiful!
    I am looking to buy a Restyled D-Bag Media before leaving.


    More pictures coming later~
  6. Not certain how to contact the mods. Could you send along a heads-up? Thanks!

  7. I agree with you....I never would have believed it but I prefer the canvas over the leather G bag. I have several canvas G bags and love them! I purchased a leather G bag at NM and ended up returning it.

    I think the sizing is different too. The media size canvas bag is the perfect size. In the leather version I found the media size just a tad too small (and definitely smaller than my canvas bags) but the next size up much too big....

    BTW, A Tod's sub-forum would be great!
  8. Ohhhh, love that color! I can't wait to see more!
  9. Yes, a Tod's sub-forum would be MOST WELCOME! :woohoo:
  10. It seems like you go to resource center, then feedback drop box. But from what I've seen, it has to be lots of people asking and also cluttering up the Handbags & Purses board.
    IDK if the Tods group is wanting it badly enough.

  11. ^^ I agree with the comments about a tod forum, I made a post about it in the feedback section which didnt get many comments, so I dont know if enough people would make it into a sub section. I like tods shoes the best and dont own any bags, their shoes are the most comfy I have worn for ages.
  12. I was looking at some Tods at the Cabazon /Desert Hills Outlet (near Palm Springs,Ca). How well do they hold up? I like to buy my really good handbags to last at least a decade without handles/straps falling off etc....
  13. TODS will last a decade without handles falling off!!!
    TODS makes very durable bags that look great holding up well!:biggrin:
    If you can find a d bag get it, very practical and stylish!
    If you buy one come back and share!
  14. Thanks for the information sdkitty :smile: I just did a search over at the resource center - feedback dropbox section and found that there was a thread asking for a sub-forum previously.

    How about a Tod's Subforum in the Designer Forum?-Calling All Tod's Lovers

    Maybe if we go over there and request for a sub-forum, it may happen in the future? :smile:
  15. Tods T-bag Miky Tracolla black calfskin Hello, Todslovers!!!
    Here's my new Tods T-bag Miky Tracolla in black calfskin, which I've purchased at Yoox. I must admit, I was a little bit worried when I received it, since it didn't smell like leather and was so light. But I've checked TPF and have read that Yoox is legit.
    Here are the pics, yummie!!!:yahoo:
    P.S. The ivory one is in deerskin and I bought it from Fashion Hire UK.