TODS Lovers III, show me your JP TODS TODS

  1. TODS lovers, our thread has become too large again so I am starting #3. Post pictures of your TODS bags, older and new!
    We have an Athenticate this TODS thread for authenticity questions.

    You can refer to the 2 previous TODS lover threads for reference since there are many pictures of TODS bags.

    Okay TODS lovers, show me your bags! :drool::woohoo::okay:
  2. Decided to carry my TODS Restyled Kate today, she smelled divine! Kept taking wiffs while driving around...:nuts:
    Show me your TODS...
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    Tod's lover falling in! :biggrin:
    Have been lurking around just drooling at the pictures. Recently I wanted to get last season's Pashmy Messenger and was looking through eBay. I thought most of them looked quite authentic and even wanted to do a BIN until i came upon those webshops that come up when you type "Replica Tod's" in Google. Oh my!! The pashmy is sooo well copied and they are really hard to differentiate, especially online! Those replica shops also had the dustbag, box and receipt!! I decided to buy through Saks even though it was at frontshop prices but I could at least have a piece of mind.

    Just wanted to warn everyone here to really ask for lots of photos from those sellers in eBay... just Google it to see how many fakes there are in the market.

    Sorry if i sound paranoid, but I had a shock when i saw how good the replica was. LT Bag Lady, you are right in saying that it is interesting to see what copies are available these days. So... will post pics when i get my bag! :smile:
  4. LT Bag Lady (yes! I got it!) and all my other TODS lovers, please allow me to introduce my "new to me" Pashmy Media Tote in Cement Nylon with Python trim!

    I am so in love!

  5. CONGRATS!!!:yahoo: You will love :heart: her! The Python is such a nice touch...Thanks for sharing her with us lovers!
  6. Thanks LT. I think she has found a forever home with me! I can't get enough of her smooshy-ness!
  7. Anyone here got the G-bag? :smile:
  8. Do you mean this one?


    I don't think anyone has posted pictures of it. Looks like a great tote! Lucky Gwyneth, she gets a bag named for her.:wlae:
  9. A close up of the TODS 'G' bag:
  10. Thanks LT.
    Just wanted to see if anyone has it and their experiences with it. Am looking for a white bag and i think the most practical is a treated canvas one.

    LT, ever seen a white Pashmy? Bet they aren't easier to clean than the leather ones though.
  11. Yes, I have seen the white Pashmy, but it didn't look white anymore, lol! I like the idea of coated canvas a lot myself and I think it's the only way I would trust me with a white bag :yes:.
    I'm going to take a look at these on Saturday when I pop into the boutique on Madison. I've been a bit distracted by BV lately, need to get back to TODS and have a look at these bags...:graucho:
  12. I was just in the Oak Street boutique (Chicago) and the SA told me the G bags are flying off the shelves. She seemed to think that it was because they came in fun colors. I agree, but think it has more to do with the economy, since these bags are quite a bit cheaper than the average Tods bag.

    I have never been a fan of the Pashmy bags, but she showed me the wristlet in gold (I think that's a new-ish color) and I may have to go back for that one! So cute and surprisingly multi-purpose.
  13. Trying to decide between a Pashmy Bauletto Grande (16 x 11.5 x 6.25) and a Pashmy Media D (16 x 14 x 5). Any suggestions to help w/the decision? Also, if anyone could let me know what you think about the Pashmy colors, that would be really helpful. Have seen the colors online, but not IRL. Thanks so much!
  14. I have the Bauletto and the d bag in small. They are very different bags...
    If you are looking for any everyday bag, I suggest the d bag. I use my bauletto as a briefcase and a carryon travel bag, it's big! They do have a smaller bauletto (Media) with only 2 zips in front, that one would work very well as an everyday bag and since it has a zip across the entire top, it is safer than the d bag with no zip, depends on where you live...
    Colors - Personally I love the Smoke, very versatile. I have the Messenger in smoke w/ patent leather trim and the other 2 are black with the matte leather trim. The color would depend on how you plan to wear the bag...
    Good luck deciding! Don't forget to show us what you get!
  15. Thanks, LT Bag Lady! Had just about decided on the Bauletto Grande, but then went to the Tod's store and actually eyeballed one. Yikes! You're right. It is big. It looks like a piece of luggage. It's much too big for the everyday bag I'm looking for, and the Bauletto media is too small. The Pashmy D-bag Media looks much more like an everyday bag. It's interesting, too, because the dimensions of the D-bag Media are actually larger than those of the Bauletto Grande, but w/the drawstrings at the top, the D-bag just has a better sihouette for every day. Thanks again for your help!