TODS Lovers III, show me your JP TODS TODS

  1. Tods T-bag Miky Tracolla black calfskin Forgotten one more pic:;)

    P.S. Any more multipockets fans here among the Tods lovers?
    P.P.S. Yes, please create a Tods subforum. All these threads here on TPF are a labyrinth! Just read a post on the Tods Authenticate thread from a Prada fan?!:nuts: Which means I am not the only one who gets lost here on TPF.:graucho:

  2. Love those bags Mariemartialis!
  3. Nice T-bags. I have a t-bag tote in red. :biggrin:
  4. Yes, I think I've bumped into it on one of the Tods lovers threads, you have the red tote, don't you??

    I loooooooooooooove multipockets!!!

  5. I just posted my vote in favour of a Tod's subforum. Hope it's going to happen soon :yahoo: being the proud owner of 4 + several pairs of shoes :biggrin:
  6. i just bought my first tod's! :yahoo: i got the pashmy luna media in black. i just received it (i did a charge send from the outlet) and i noticed that the interior liner of my bag is a goldish color. i thought the interior was supposed to be a more maroon color? i just want to make sure the bag is legit. i'm hoping that maybe this season's bags were lined in maroon and that since my bag was from the outlet that it's an older luna and that's why it has a different color interior. could someone help me? thanks so much!!!!
  7. The interior is light gold because that bag is from s/s08 or f/w08, the marroon interior is from f/w07. I have both interiors on my pashmy. Marroon on my Messenger fro f/w07 and light gold/tan in my d bag & bauletto from 08.
    Show us your bag!!! I have been wearing mine all week since it has been raining all week in CT. Are you in NYC? If you are, you need that bag today! Congrats on your 1st TODS! Great choice!!!
  8. Guys, it looks like we're not getting enough traction on the petition for the Tod's sub-forum. Please click the link above... I already wrote on that thread twice hoping that will help bump up the numbers but I was only #63.
  9. Our subforum is active! Go to Designer Forums. You'll see the Tod's subforum there!
  10. hey everyone, does anyone noe wat the name of this (orange) bag is?

    i saw it on Tod's website but it only says classic bauletto bag.

    i saw the same one in a different color in a boutique in Singapore and the SA told me it's a Rounded D-bag. however, i searched ard online and it seems that the Rounded D-bag is another bag (blue bag). i'm kinda confused now.
    Tod'sBaulettoRoundedD.JPG tods-medium-rounded-d-bag.jpg
  11. Have not seen the blue one IRL but I have seen the Orange. The Orange is a Bauletto, the blue looks like a 'rounded' d-bag. I would go by the website name. The blue bag may be F/W09 not on the website yet.
  12. But there are other Bauletto bags by Tod's, eg. Bauletto Helmut, Kate Bauletto Piccola, Restyled D-bag Bauletto Media etc etc. What would this one be called? I wanna get this bag but can't seem to find it anywhere! :sad:
  13. btw the SA's catalogue did say that the orange one (in beige, not orange) is a Rounded D-bag! omg!
  14. Oh, I love that bag! Seen it on eBay, here's the link with the name (different color though, but also very cute):;)