TODS Lovers III, show me your JP TODS TODS

  1. This is the Miky Easy, Love That Bag!!! Had it in dark brown, was so soft and the leather smelled divine! Enjoy! Love the Camel color.
  2. love this thread!
  3. I had free time this week and made pictures of my Tod's altogether.

    I wish so fervently, that you Tod's lovers would do the same and post more pics!
    I am always enjoying your photos so very much.
    5213_.jpg 5251_.jpg
  4. Dear Melora, what a fabulous and most versatile collection. Thank you for sharing!
  5. Thanks Melora! I really need to find some time to take a collection picture. I do not have many bags, but the shoes are a bit out of control :graucho:
  6. Great idea!
    We are twins on the Helmut ;), I have it in Espresso, love it!
    I'll see if I can round up all my TODS and take a family photo for this thread. Maybe even throw in some shoes :graucho: and belts...
  7. Here are pictures of my Tod's bag collection. :biggrin:
    I am a huge Tod's fan :hbeat:
    IMG_1108.jpg IMG_1122.jpg IMG_1134.jpg IMG_1230.jpg
  8. Is the second one down black?
  9. No, it is a really dark blue.
  10. Thanks! It's a great colour.
  11. Oh, they are gorgeous! I love the totes, so versatile.
  12. ImageUploadedByPurseForum1424583252.995356.jpg

    Meet my new bff 😊
  13. lovely color combos! This is the mini size?

  14. Small size 😊
  15. Great color combo :tup:
    Classic and elegant