Tim Gunn Advises Saying "No" to the "It" Bag

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  1. I like the article, even if it is four years old!
  2. I adore Tim Gunn. I have his book; it is a great read.
  3. I don't think "it" bag even really means the same thing in 2011 as it did in 2007...
  4. Ok, I have to laugh at my own post!! Forgive me because I'm sitting here drinking wine (it's a Fri night and I'm eating pizza too). The comment about having buyers remorse about buying the regular Paddington cracked me up because since this post, I did buy one, but I also sold it late last year! LOL! It was the chocolate Paddy, and it was a great bag but as I said above, it was a PITA to get in and out of it. OMG, I would love to re-read some of my old posts to see how far along I've come since first joining the PF in late 2006. One thing for sure, I still feel the same about the Fendi Spy, you couldn't give me one for free, or if you did, it would be right on eBay the next day!!! The other thing I wanted to say is I love Tim Gunn! I read his 'who wore it better' article in the People Style Watch every month. Happy Friday everyone!!!:nuts:
  5. am not a buyer of any "it" bag...
  6. Oh 2007, the good ol' days.
    IME, I miss those days...and sales, and real estate, employment rates, lol.
  7. I wasn't even that interested in bags and never bought one for myself during and before 2007! If only I could go back in time with the collection that I have now so that I could've enjoyed these same purses at my previous job too, when I didn't have to juggle so many things at once!

    Anyway, out of all the It bags, I have two- Chloe Front Pocket Paddy and the regular Paddy. I regret the first but not the second. However, I can't even get a nearly reasonable enough sale for the first so I might just use it and enjoy it for its relatively luscious leather and quality for now.

    I thought it was funny how he mentioned theft and social embarrassment.

  8. I am conflicted sometimes. I have 2 luxury bags that have yet to be used in any significant way. It's like I'm waiting for the right moment, which hasn't come up yet :P My bags, a Chanel flap and LV BeverlyMM will never go out of style and they are "It" bags IMO. I find it hard to ever get rid of them... however I reach for my Stam all the time so I always wonder if I should just stick with Stams.
  9. This is great! What they say make sense. Perhaps the it thing is just selling on our imagination?!
  10. Ha ha, so interesting. Well, that's why we all say never say never ;)

    I have black/black Paddy with a front pocket, never mind the fashion it's sooooooo heavy. I don't care about IN, OUT or IT though, I'd wear it to London Fashion Week no problem, must be time for a revival soon :lol:

    Fashion is a funny thing, 20 years later everyone wants the original IT bag their mother wore and not her anonymous, OK, boring bags that Tim Gunn would love.
  11. could someone please tell me which is THE CURRENT 'IT' bag?

  12. some of them probably would include a Birkin, a Chanel 2.55

    a Bal bag.. etc...
  13. The article is great! I just love Tim!!!:smile:
  14. Probably a Birkin, which upsets many of its traditional owners.
  15. I was thinking about this too the other day. Am I guilty of buying "it" bags. But I think there has been a trend in the past few years where classic bags are becoming "it" again. What I'm trying to say is, some would consider Chanel flaps and Balenciaga the "it" bag. But really, they have been around for awhile and always seem to be in style. I think Celine has some of the most popular it bags at the moment, and I am guilty of recent Mini luggage purchase, but even that I think will be around for years to come. If not, I will reread this post in the future and also likely laugh at myself.