Tim Gunn Advises Saying "No" to the "It" Bag

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  1. Wow, those are hot:nuts:! There goes the temporary ban on my other obsession!
  2. I love Tim! He is great with his advices!

    Thank you for sharing!
  3. Thanks for bumping this; it was an interesting article. I love to look at the handbags at Target too but have to say nothing has appealed to me since I've started buying Coach and I've actually gotten rid of almost all my other bags. I do have to say though that when I do buy my Coach bags I keep durability and function in mind. If I'm not planning to use it for years to come then I pass.
    As for the Target shoes, bring them on. :P
  4. I didn't know who this guy was until he was on someone's late night show this week. He really irked me because he blasted Crocs. My favorite summer sandals are a pair of Crocs slides.

    You know, we don't all have to look like we're walking down a runway. Some people like to be comfortable. And I happen to think the slides are cute.
  5. I forgot I posted this! I am still here and a 15 year customer of Coach. What I loved about this article was the reminder that the runway is not reality! Choose what you love and what works for you!
  6. ^Exactly! I've never really been one to chase trends, and the bags I love the most are the ones that work best for my lifestyle! And now, I have to go to Target.com :biggrin:
  7. I don't consider the Birkin nor the Speedy an IT-bag... there are some good suggestions (work bag, structured etc.) but I don't like this 'spend the difference on charity'-suggestion... so typical of people who aren't into bags (wondering if anyone ever suggested: buy a Mercedes instead of a Ferrari and spend the difference on charity :rolleyes:)
  8. Um since when are speedys and birkins "It" bags? Maybe decades(s) ago, but now they're iconic. I have two minds about it bags. If you want it very badly and know it may one day go outta style, then go for it. If you're buying it bags for a collection, thinking they'll be timeless (Ok, it's 50/50 some become iconic but most don't), or looking to resell later or something along those lines, don't.
  9. ITA! Your sumed up how this article made me feel. :nuts:I wish I saw your reply before I posted.
  10. People can spend their money on what they want. A lot of the IT bags I would not buy even if I had the money to spend on them. There are a lot of beautiful bags out there in all kinds of material without spending 1000s on them.
  11. My mother's famous expression is: "Never buy something that will tear other people's eyes out". She's somewhat superstitious and charitable and hates the thought of offending others so while we were raised comfortably, we were taught to be respectful of others. That said, I never wear logo bags. I do have expensive bags - $600 and up but no Chanel, No Hermes, no Gucci's. Hermes scarves, yes but no one really knows what kind of scarf they are just that they are colorful and pretty. That said, I agree 100 million percent with Tom Gunn and say Bravo!

    BTW - I think he was just using Target as an example. Basically, I think he is trying to say, don't get caught up in a financial rut. Buy something you love and it doesn't necessarily have to have a label attached to make you feel beautiful! So all you Coach, RM, and other designer buyers, Bravo to you. To the upper, Premier, think twice before plunking down $1,000 and more and ask is it worth it? I keep pondering on that thought!
  12. I wish I lived near a Target!
  13. my first reaction to the first few lines of the article was wth? since when are birkins and speedies and whatever else he named IT bags? they're what i would consider "investment pieces" that will hold their value and look amazing after many years of use. with all the 50 target bags you'll buy to keep up with trends, you could've purchased an "investment piece." maybe i just don't get his point.

    also - it annoys me when people preach saving and giving to charity; if that really is the "right" thing to do for everyone, why do they even all agree to the prada nyon bag for $1.2k at the end? why not just carry around a plastic grocery bag and give the $20 you would've spent on a target bag to charity? it's a slippery slope so why even go down it.
  14. What a great article. I can't believe that I haven't seen this before.
  15. I love reading articles like that to help me stay focused. One IT bag that I never bought but fell in love with was the Chloe Med/Large Paddington. For one, the huge padlock would add a tremendous amount of weight to the bag and secondly what a PITA (pain in the a$$) it would be to get in and out of the bag. I myself have the small shoulder bag (clutch sized) but I would have total buyers remorse if I got the regular sized one. Another bag that seems a PITA to use is the Fendi Spy-you couldn't give one of those to me for free. As far as the LV Speedy and Hermes Birkin, we all know those are classics. Those are the workhorses in my opinion.