Tim Gunn Advises Saying "No" to the "It" Bag

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  1. Not too many, as far as I'm aware and of course, three are now Sofa Kinged! :biggrin:
  2. There was an article in one of the New York magazines or papers that talked about how bags are NOT an investment piece and not to buy them for that purpose. It was a very imformative and somewhat shattering to some but made a whole lot of sense! - This included Birkin, Chanel, etc. It's the old story, once something has been worn it's used! Unless it was worn by a princess or celebrity, you will not see your bag double in price!
  3. thanks for posting and bumping this. it was a great read to put me back into perspective.
  4. I love Target but not for bags and shoes. I don't typically buy 'It' bags, although I do buy premier designer bags to keep--not resell. I like my bags and shoes to be great quality, otherwise, (w/the exception of one) I tend to not wear them.
  5. I adore to look at the new it bags of the season, but I would never purchase one. I don't have a lot of money so I spend money on bags that will endure the trends. I tend to buy hobos which work for my lifestyle.
  6. I love this article TejasMama! Thank you so much for sharing! I plan on carrying my "investment bags" forever no matter what it is the flavor of the month! Sound advice for fad-crazies who may put themselves in dire-straights. (I was almost one)!
  7. Great article, and I agree with the rest of you. Birkin and Speedy are not it-bags.
  8. A very good article. I agree with some posters that purses are not investment pieces. An item is only worth what you can get someone to pay you for it. And once a purse is used...well then it's used and the value will usually go down.

    I buy purses based on the quality, look, and functionality. It doesn't matter to me if the value goes up or down. This article has put things into perspective especially during the rough economy here in the U.S.
  9. I always wonder "what fool would buy this?" when walking through stores, and yet it never fails someone always does. Just like the people who walk around carring the blatent fakes(that everyone knows they're fake), I always have to laugh at them and wonder if they know how stupid they look. I have a few nice bags that I love and carry all the time in rotation depending on the mood. I had to save for these bags so I cherish them. I wonder if the people who have the thousands to clunk down on the new flavor of the season each season really cherish their things? My guess is they don't.
  10. ITA with Tim Gunn. It's just a bag.;)
  11. Thanks for bringing up this thread, the advice is even more timely now, given the state of our economy. He makes a lot of sense. I'm going to have to find his book.
  12. Love that quote in your sig VCHIK (& your avatar pic too)!
  13. Yep, you can tell that this is an old article when TG mentions Birkin and $4,000 in the same breath. Weren't they more than that in 2007?

    Gotta love him though.
  14. Although this is an old thread (doh! lol!) I think it's ok to still be reading this article & posting on it because in the days of Tax & Spend & all of America going into serious debt mode, this article is more relavent than ever in our current economic predicaments! :P
  15. Great article, thanks for sharing since it is really enligtening.