Tim Gunn Advises Saying "No" to the "It" Bag

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  1. entheos:

    I buy mostly Coach but do occasionally purchase a bag at Target just to knock around. Usually when we have a heavy rain (we've gotten alot of rain this year in NYC)
    I am wearing a Target Bag, usually an Isaac Mizrahi. I don't worry about them wet/damaged in a heavy downpour. BTW, Target is going to have a new Handbag Designer -Devi Kroell debuting her faux snakeskin bags. She makes really cool high end snakeskin bags and this is a line made just for Target. I know that I will purchase at least two bags in July from this line. I am purchasing the Ergo Tote again in the Turquoise color for the PCE though. I will wait until the Fall to get a new Legacy Bag though, probably something in the bottle green Color.

  2. Good article. Thanks
  3. Thank you TejasMama for posting such a wonderful article.

    Remember that rediculous PVC bag by Coach (and CHanel) that everyone just despise? I bet you can get something similar at the Target. LOL High fashion isn't necessarily the best. What suits your personal style will, indeed, be the best.
  4. That PVC bag from Coach almost made me feel like one of the designers said, "Let's see if we can get some crazy ladies to fork over 5 big ones for a plastic bag! Insert evil laugh here!" :nuts:

    I just loved this article because it helped remind me how easy it is to get caught up in the 'next new thing' and to buy based upon my own personal preferences. I think doing that also cuts down on how many returns we make!:yes:
  5. Sorry to bump this...

    But it was a really NEAT article!

    On a side note.... how many of the people who posted on this thread are still regular posters?
  6. I was totally just thinking about him saying the exact same thing in his book while I was reading the "Blinded by the Plastic" thread.. I know there are more than a few bags at Target I would rock. And as much as I love the styles (and the price tag), I feel like I would be cheating on my Coach purses - I spent so much money on them only to use a 24.99 bag from Target to be my workhorse because I don't have to be extra careful.. am I the only one that feels this way?

    I'm not dissing Target bags at all - quite the opposite.. I love their designer inspired styles and at those prices, I would be able to afford to be a little more out there and trendy than I would normally with an expensive bag...
  7. Not to get up on my "high horse" or anything, but I think that in the beginning I was this victim, but now I buy smarter!!!

    I LOVE Target bags, and just a couple months ago I had one in my hand, and put it down! Why?? Not because I felt I'd be cheating on Coach, or because it wasen't Coach..but for an obviously SUMMER ONLY faux patent bag I thought that over $30 + tax in the CLEARANCE ISLE was too much!!!

    I don't really have any "out there" bags that will only be good for a season. I know people say my tattoo tote won't be good, it's my only cross to bear BUT it's MY STYLE, so how can it go out of style for me??? Keep in mind I live in the midwest, I don't have to do alot to look on trend when I go out. I just feel like the seasoned, educated Coach buyer is not THAT guilty of this!!!

    I think it was a GREAT read, and I've gotta read his book. Just had to defend us Coachies a little!!!

    Here's my list of bags that I currently own, and I'm very happy with where I'm at. I think they are ALL workhorses.

    ~Bonnie leather satchel black/black with silver hardware
    ~Teal Lindsay brass hardware
    ~Black leather medium Ergo Tote (legacy lining) YUM!!
    ~All black Hamptons patchwork satchel (carried by hand or with extra shoulder strap)
    ~Zoe Lg. Berry patent (in this bag I may be a slight bit guilty, but needed to fill this color slot)
    ~Black canvas tattoo tote
    ~Light grey leather Julianne
    ~Sabrina Lg. black on black OpArt
    ~Heritage stripe tote Lg. khaki signature/gunmetal trim
    ~ Lg. Brown/bronze signature stripe tote

    I think this is it. I have 2 signature bag (HS) and Signature stripe (which is tone on tone) and my OpArt Sabrina is tone on tone. I like the Coach bags that don't scream COACH!!! My heritage stripe was purchased JUST for rainy days and I got it for a fraction of retail at the outlet!!

    So, this is why I think that my collection is NOT a collection of "IT" bags. Like I said, I think the Coachies are least guilty of this!!!

  8. ohh... I'm loving the red collection in your sig :smile:
  9. #24 Aug 22, 2009
    Last edited: Aug 22, 2009

    Hahaha, I'm glad this was a "purposeful" bump and not that you were just tired and accidentally responded to an old thread (which I have done a couple of times :shame:smile:

    ITA that the article is great and still very relevant! Besides I LOVE Tim Gunn and with the new Project starting this week I think this is the perfect time to remember his spot-on fashion advice.

    And good question re: the number of people who responded to this thread back in '07 who are still regular posters??? :thinking:
  10. I'm actually REALLY GLAD this got bumped. I went on Target's website just to have a look-see and found a couple bags I love, not one of them more then $40 bucks, most $30 and under. The bags I liked didn't upload, but here's a pair of shoes I MUST have!!!

    Attached Files:

  11. Wowza, hot shoes! I have an extensive "collection" of Target shoes most that I bought on sale for less than 20 bucks...I say go for it! :tup:
    I don't buy bags there anymore but I did for years and if you see something you like and will use, again go for it! Besides, you have Tim Gunn's blessing :P
  12. Page 2...
    Pay attention to structure ...

    "You don't want to look like you are carrying an amoeba," Gunn says. "Hobos are nice for a casual look, but frame bags are great for work." Bags with frames and feet have a more tailored, professional appearance.

    ... And what you have to hide

    "How and why and who?" Gunn scowls at an $895 see-through plastic Oscar de la Renta tote.

    Runway isn't reality

    "It looks like Cousin Itt," Gunn says of the $2,195 brown, allover fringe bag from the spring Prada runway show. "Or a Chia bag. You just keep watering it"

    Don't forget the back shelf

    "I like what she's doing with this," Moloney says, picking up a camel-colored Prada nylon frame bag with leather trim. "She's giving her signature nylon a new flavor."

    "The nylon makes it lighter, more durable and stylish," Gunn adds. "I like this."

    Goes over the shoulder, has room for a notebook — even an ID tag so I don't lose my $1,260 investment. Could this be It for me?

  13. Great article. And refreshing that a celeb like that isn't trying to get everyone to buy the latest trend or whatever. And I love Target too!!!
  14. Glad this article was bumped . . . very interesting!
  15. Thank you for the article. I do not seach these out enough.. This is truely right IT bags are great but normally you regret it....

    That Oscar DeLa Renta Plastic Purse is a total NOT IT..