Tim Gunn Advises Saying "No" to the "It" Bag

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  1. That article is timeless!
    It's so true.
    And I do think the classic bags (Chanel, Hermes, even vintage LEATHER Coach, the Cambridge satchel, Longchamp Le Pliage, LV Speedy) are becoming IT bags again. Maybe because the economy is so much worse now than it was when that article first got published, but I feel like a lot of people are going for things they know for a fact won't go out of style after one season. I know I am.

    Spending $2-3000 on a bag that might look dated in a year just doesn't make any kind of good sense anymore.
    If it ever did.
  2. i have to agree.
  3. Wow! This is an old thread! It's true--so much has changed. I was never much of an "it bag" girl (I don't dress well enough to carry one anyway) but I think this crazy phase is largely over. And thank goodness!
  4. or 2012 for that matter... still unclear re CURRENT IT bag...;)
  5. I'd say the Celine luggage totes are pretty "it" right now.
  6. Agreed. I love this bag and keep looking at pics of it. But, while it looks lovely on celebrities, I have to constantly remind myself that with my profession and two small children, this bag or anything carried similar, is really not practical for my life. I scratch my head at why I even waste my time lusting over it. :confused1:
  7. In reading this article, while the economy is much different than 2007, much of the advice he gives still stands strong. After making a few mistakes in the handbag buying department, I realized that I only need a few nice bags--no logos, minimal hardware--just nicely made and COMFORTABLE. I abhor uncomfortable shoes yet there were times when I'd carry an uncomfortable bag because I liked how it looked. So over that now. I know what works for me and my tastes are pretty simple. Not boring (in my view) but simple, well-made, moderately priced and designed to handle my not-so-glamorous but blessed lifestyle.
  8. Amen to that! Love everything you said!
  9. Thank you!:smile:
  10. I love "It Bags" previous and current.. There is a reason they are the it bag.. they are lovely, well made and attract a wide group of people.... There is nothing wrong with liking it bag or close or shoes... If it was not for "It Bags" well know bags would not get out there or fashion for that matter..
  11. Great article, great point. Thank you for posting! :smile:
  12. So then what all the -" really good classic pieces" to invest in?
    I love to look through target. I keep a few bags for kickaround when I don't want to use my more expensive ones. They have great beach totes and I get them from lands end too!!

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  13. :hugs:
    Hey there sweet Sistah! I'm back after a loooong hiatus and ITA with your post (as usual!) Hard to believe that it's been 5 years since our paths crossed here on tPF via BBBC! Good times :cool:
  14. I read the article and had to laugh because what Tim was saying about bag size and what you need it for you is so true. I'm 5' and use my hobo to cart all my stuff(cell, kindle, water bottle, netbook, etc). This works better for me than using a backpack and is less bulky. The only "It" bag I own at the moment is a large YSL Muse and I use that like a hobo also.
  15. I am!!!!