Thoughts On Bayswater Buckle Pleeeze

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  1. I bought an Oak small Bayswater buckle 2 weeks ago and love it, I tried for a 3rd time a Bayswater and they are just too big for me but this one is perfect!
  2. Thanks Donna, I can't get my head straight about the openings either end after having a pickpocket attempt access to mitzy satchel.
  3. Possibly a slightly late reply, but I have a comparison pic of the sbb and the standard bays if it's any help ImageUploadedByTapatalk1437243455.511997.jpg
  4. Oh my, I hope the pickpocket was unsuccessful. That's distressing for you, I hope you are OK.
  5. Beautiful pic! And a great comparison shot of those 3 bags. I love oak!

  6. Thanks. Oak addict here too!

  7. Thanks so much, lovely oak beauties

  8. Thanks, mitzy satchel was my first M, moved her on straight afterwards!

    Totally unsuccessful fortunately, thanks for your concern.

    Was on the commute home, just got off the train and felt a heaviness on my shoulder, looked down and there were loads of papers on the ground that were right at the bottom of the bag. Surrounded by people so too hard to tell who it was. Scum!
  9. Well, I'm glad you are fine and that no harm was done. Still, I can understand why you wouldn't want a bag that has bits of it open for someone to push their hand into.
  10. Phew, someone else snapped the beauty up on labels most wanted! Lucky gal, was very close as had it in my basket at least 5 times.

    Thanks all........still in the sofa unless I get chucked off for intent
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