Thoughts On Bayswater Buckle Pleeeze

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  1. I really can't decide whether to go for the Bayswater Buckle or a regular Bayswater. I love the Buckle in the shrunken calf in Oxblood but am just wondering if the larger one is too big & the Small Buckle too small & if I should just go with the iconic Bayswater? What does everyone think?
  2. I've got the small bays buckle in black shrunken calf and its a good size and the leather is amazing. I found the large too big on me but im petite. I have bayswaters too and it depends if you want a bag you can just carry in hand or crook of arm or on the shoulder. :smile:
  3. I love the shrunken calf, I have an Alexa in red. I didn't like the buckle when I first saw it online, but seeing it in real life changed my mind.

    I have 2 bayswaters and cannot remember the last time I used them. They were my first Mulberries and I actually find them quite boring now. If it were me, I'd go got the buckle, but I'd have to see the sizes to decide which one is best.

    I guess if I were using it for work I'd buy the larger size but if I were using it for anything else I'd go for the small. I use my small Bayswater satchels a lot and they are actually quite roomy. The Bayswater when full can be very heavy.
  4. Thank you for replying. Do you have a preference between the two. I really love the shrunken calf & have found a small black one but had it in my head I wanted oak to take me through the summer. I wish they did the shrunken calf in oak. I haven't actually held a large buckle as just thought they look big.
  5. I agree , I really need to go & try the sizes. I have tried the small but not the large. I really love the shrunken calf but was thinking I wanted a bag to take me through the summer.
  6. I have just bought and sent back the buckle Bays in indigo shrunken calf. I loved the look of it and wanted it for work but it was so big and heavy that I realised I would never manage to carry it around all day. I love the small one but that isn't big enough for my laptop. Back to my Bays for work!
  7. I don't own either however I would personally choose the iconic regular bayswater :smile:
  8. To be honest I like both alot. My one bugbear with the small buckle is I wish it would fit over my shoulder as its heavy to carry about by hand and by crook for a whole day. I've got a regular Alexa liner in mine and its roomy heavy for hand carry if that makes sense?

    I love my bayswaters too. It all depends what day I'm having as to which I carry and prefer ...
  9. Shame about the indigo, I really liked that bag.
  10. I love the colour of yours but do understand why you returned it. I had my initial worries but the more I use mine the more I love her. 😃
  11. So really I need both the Buckle and the regular Baywater - oh dear!!! Don't think I'll beable to sneak 2 bags past my husband. I had the Buckle on my Christmas list but Santa wasn't that kind so I'm having to treat myself.
  12. Lol, yeah get both but don't blame me!! 😁
  13. Such beautiful leather (sigh). I wish I could get away with the small Buckle as it is gorgeous!
  14. I think I would first get s regular bayswater as its a signature style, but that's just my personal preference. My oak one has been everywhere have used almost every week since getting it, even works as carry on bag on a flight for me!
    Think the bayswater with buckle is way too big in standard size xx

  15. I have the oxblood small Bayswater buckle and I adore it - in fact I have just ordered another in mandarin soft grain. They are perfect for work and all day bag - I missed out on the indigo shrunken 😢. It is my favourite mulberry at the moment. My regular samgora fits in like a treat. ImageUploadedByPurseForum1421520097.876162.jpg
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