Thoughts On Bayswater Buckle Pleeeze

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  1. I love these bags - it's a shame they are not doing the small anymore. It's just the mini and the large for the next season
  2. Thank you!
  3. I'm a bit new to this forum so would appreciate learning more - how do you know that the small Bayswater Buckle isn't going to be made any more? I see some on the Mulberry website sale - does this mean it's the last chance to nab one?
  4. Yes, my understanding is that the small will no longer be made which is likely one reason they are on sale, so once they are gone, they are gone. Going forward, there will be mini and large Bays buckles which you can see in the "Coming Soon" section of the site. I love the small size and wish they hadn't discontinued it. I have one in black shrunken calf. I would love to get another but none of the remaining colors appeal. If you want one, you should move on it now. It's a great time to buy due to the summer sale going on.
  5. I quite agree with @youngster. The small is actually the best size of the three and it is actually really gorgeous in real-life. I was unsure about getting one but decided to bite the bullet and bought one yesterday at the summer sale in Mushroom Grey. Here is a photo of it - the colour is a classic, more grey than how the website shows it, which comes up more tan.

    I'm over the moon about it and spent the rest of the day using it and walking around with a foolish grin. :smile:

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  6. What a beautiful bag! This seems like a lovely neutral year-round. I looked back at the main Mulberry website and I agree that the small size seems very handy, especially for carrying in the crook of the arm as described on the website. At firs I wondered if the open sides (where the flap doesn't cover the opening) would be a problem, but now I think that would be handy to reach in and grab stuff or check contents when the bag is closed.

    Something to think about...I am looking at the sea blue, which seems like a pretty color to me.
  7. How is the small in size compared to a sbs?
  8. Isn't it a great bag? All of my things fit perfectly and you can open it up and see everything immediately. I love it. I wish I had figured this out earlier, I would have possibly got one in another color.
  9. It's longer by about 5". The depth of the SBS and small bays buckle is virtually the same as is the height. The small bays buckle has about an extra 1" of height.
  10. It is a beautiful bag..congrats
  11. That probably means I should stick with the mini...I liked the oxblood shrunken leather small but the sbs was bordering on too big for me. Oh well.
  12. Anyone have any pics with the sides pulled in and do you use it like that? I'm worried about pickpockets don't tell the ladies who are 'on the sofa' I was asking .......ssssh
  13. I've got a regular black shrunken calf and I love here. I have my sides open and she's fine ;)

  14. Thanks do you have a picture please?
  15. Don't worry, found a thread with pics, hmmmm
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