Thoughts On Bayswater Buckle Pleeeze

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  1. I love mine! It is much easier to get in and out of than the regular Bays. And Guccig is right - very comfortable to carry on the arm.

  2. ImageUploadedByPurseForum1423338778.146113.jpg ImageUploadedByPurseForum1423338812.595548.jpg ImageUploadedByPurseForum1423338828.345478.jpg
  3. Thanks GucciG. Is that the regular sized buckle?

  4. No it is the smaller one.
  5. I have the small Bayswater Buckle in Oxblood and totally love her!!
    I don't carry much around, just general stuff, as I'm not a working girl..retired early...but love the size and don't find it too large or overpowering. The Oxblood colour is divine and perfect for autumn and winter as a change from black.
    I'm 5'2" and the large one looks just too big in me...just like the regular Bayswater does.
    I also have a small Bayswater satchel which is an ideal size too, quite roomy.
    I'm now looking at another small buckle, was considering Indigo but decided it's too blue and will go for the mushroom grey which looks a perfect colour for now.
    Anyone got one yet? Good luck deciding, I'd try the small buckle as it's really gorgeous x

  6. Hi handbagsy I need your advice on the large bays buckle. In your photo she doesn't look much bigger than the small (not the mini) . I am contemplating buying this one - please share your opinion x
  7. Hi Guccig, Doesn't the small bays buckle have similar capacity to an alexa? If so it must be a lot smaller than the large buckle.

    The large bays buckle is quite hefty, and the NVT is quite heavy, much heavier than a regular oak bayswater for example. It's also quite a bit wider than a regular bayswater... Hope that helps!

  8. Actually the small is a tad bigger than the alexa in all fairness. I might go for the shrunken calf which I know might be heavier. When I go to work I carry 3 bags - need to reduce to two at least. That's why thinking of the larger one. Thanks anyway x
  9. You'd fit loads in the large, especially with the buckles loose. Plus if you do the buckles tight and don't need the extra capacity it looks quite small, like a regular bayswater, and you get the best of both worlds! I do think its quite a bit bigger than a small buckle though...

  10. I think I am convinced. Just need a nice samorga liner and that would suit me fine. Cheers handbagsy. Mulberry are not doing the small Bayswater buckles anymore just the mini and large x
  11. There are small Bayswater buckles on but only the black is available in shrunken calf. The sea blue small is very nice and irl is a stunner, it turned my head and Im not a lover a colours.... I'm a black bag kind of girl with only my blue camo cara brightening up my collection ;)
  12. Hello Guccig, I love your small Bayswater Buckle in Oxblood with the grey Alexa liner. I am considering one in the mushroom grey. Could I just check with you which size Alexa liner did you use in yours? I went to Samorga's website and there are so many of them!


  13. It was the regular alexa samorga liner.yes there are loads of styles to,choose from
  14. I've got th same size liner in my buckle and its a perfect fit. :cool:
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