............The Spring 2017 Scarves..............

  1. This is lovely on you. Iris is such a gem. It's magical once you put it on you can't take off! Wear it in good health. Congrats!
  2. Had Iris mousseline cw 07 in noir/bleu/Jaune transferred in from another store to try. Would have brought it home if it not for the neon green and bright fuchsia!
    tmp_29523-20170609_215339825142504.jpg tmp_29523-20170609_215301517547435.jpg tmp_29523-20170609_215502496826756.jpg tmp_29523-20170609_215406998574866.jpg tmp_29523-20170609_215435430662234.jpg
  3. I found this CW online while I was searching for a lighter shade of scarf in gray. Have any ladies seen it IRL? How do you like it? Thanks for your input.
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  4. Huh. :whut: I'm not convinced that it does! :P Thanks for the compliment though! :flowers:

    @funnylady, @megt10 posted a pic of that Passementerie Quadri on her Instagram account which I'm posting here:

    Screen Shot 2017-06-10 at 12.37.15.png
  5. Parures de Samourais cw 03 is also a lovely light grey.
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  6. AAAAAAHHHHHHHH!!!!!!! HELP! OMG. This is killer gorgeous on you!
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  9. I too am inclined to say that neon color combos look fine on you. The scarf certainly is versatile in the way it ties. I think if you wore a less sporty outfit, perhaps a blue in a solid color, you'd get the effect of the scarf much better. Oh, hell's bells, it's a beauty!
  10. The print looks gorgeous and delicate.
  11. I can't decide yet, wanna try Samourais cw 03. The grey part is a little bit too big to me. But all my friends love this one.
    . IMG_5607.JPG
  12. Thanks for your input @eagle1002us :flowers: I shy away from neon colors in general and prefer harmonious colors for scarves, so this was a no go for me. I did finally end up with a Iris mousseline after seeing all but 2 cws (06 and 09) in person. I have to exchange it though as I only realized that there were small pulls on it after going home with it and about to pull it out to wear the next day. :doh:
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  13. I have to say I find this Iris very unique and gorgeously intricate as well. I was determined that my scarf purchase for 17SS was done, but find myself keep coming back to look at these photos and matching it with different colors and creating different styles in my mind. I think this one can be worn both elegantly and whimsically. Thank you for sharing the photos. I agree with others that the bright parts you shy away from look good on you. I might have to start looking for this one.
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  14. The border on the scarf does look wider than the others. Thanks for pointing it out.