............The Spring 2017 Scarves..............

  1. Thanks Litchi. To be fair I muss admit two of this beauties belong to DH, but as I always say...it stays in the family!... ;)
  2. You are such a Doll to post these
    Can I be family too?
  3. But of course! ;)
  4. But of course TT! What an honor! :smile:)
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  5. I finally succumbed to the samourai! Hopefully this marks the end of Spring 2017 IMG_1497827987.320056.jpg
  6. Would you mind posting a full picture of the Anthracite (01 I think). Thanks.
  7. Great choices! Congrats! :smile:
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  8. Hi lynn! They're not my scarves, but maybe @Pegase can respond to your request... :smile:
  9. Hello Lynn1955, I posted most of these individually on this thread already, they are back there somewhere! Which color do U mind? The monochromatic one?
  10. Yes but I can go back and look.
  11. Trying another way. This is my "little" PdS family on display. Will eventually figure out a better way. Still in love with PdS. No regrets. Anyone see any other CW's outside U.S.? 2017-06-21 22.09.25.jpg
  12. Fantastic, lynn!! :heart: You're missing cw 14 ..or you didn't want to get it? :amuse:
  13. Huge congratulation, lynn!
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