............The Spring 2017 Scarves..............

  1. My Black CW PP arrived this week. It is on counter in this picture. Beautiful on. Will try to send a shot on Monday.
  2. Well @jayjay77 once you posted the Rose Pale, I couldn't get it out of my mind even though I had another CW in Savana Dance. I asked my SA since I was in town if she had this one store and she did. So I purchased it today... and already took it out of the box to wear on my flight today.
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  3. IMG_1497569791.557473.jpg

    I was inspired to get the rose pale Savana Dance csgm but also picked up this Brides Fleuries. It seemed so calm and neutral with the happy yellow and appealed to me since I missed out on the beautiful Iris scarf in similar colors. This is my second Brides Fleuries for this season.

    So much for giving myself a ban on any more SS17 scarves.
  4. Yesterday was my duo day. I had not given up on the PP CW5( the rose/nacre/bleu jean i think) after seeing the lovely picture a few months ago. Seattle Nordstrom was not getting it so I called the Hermes on line number. They were so helpful. Gave me a lead on the scarf. The lead panned out and the location also had Route 24 CW 7 which was my other unfulfilled desire from SS 17. If they find me Samourais O3 my life will be complete.

    I have wanted to share the PP in the black CW. Unfortunately I have no room on phone to take pictures, get the TPF app or even save contacts onto a new phone. Hope to resolve all that tomorrow. Good hunting all....
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  5. I am in the process of booking a quick trip to Seattle week after next. Want to get some hands on scarf tying help; look at scarf rings and look at the beautiful iris/peonies in person. Pretty excited.
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  6. My anticipated box from Boston arrived today. The too die for Samourais CW 03 . My little Samourais collection, every CW available in USA is complete. So I guess, one way or another, I am twins with everyone. That makes me smile. Also the longed for PP CW 05 did not disappoint. Worth tracking down. It was a Grail for me and fortunately not really difficult.

    Unfortunately, the SA misunderstood the CW on the Route 24. Received CW 04 instead of 07 (the red). Not at all impressed with Magenta. Have a safe weekend everyone and good hunting. :yahoo::yahoo::yahoo:
  7. Congrats on completing your samourias collection!!:flowers:
  8. Ooh, happy for you that cw 03 (and PP) finally found the way home!
  9. Glad you got savana dance! The yellow brides is lovely too
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  10. I was REALLY trying to not get it. I was following it on H.com and then it disappeared so I thought well.. if my SA didn't have it then that would be that.

    This brides fleuries is so quiet that I think it will look nice on louder outfits. :smile:
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  11. Congratulations, Lynn!!! Happy scarfing, indeed!!!
  12. Dear Scarfies.... Family picture time..!!!
    Route 24
    140 wool/silk
    Route24Grpe_01.jpg Route24Grpe_05.jpg Route24Grpe_06.jpg Route24Grpe_07.jpg Route24Grpe_02.jpg Route24Grpe_04.jpg Route24Grpe_03.jpg
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