The PANDORA thread

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  1. When i got bangle and leather bracelets, very nice girl in my local Pandora store gave me stoppers free of charge.

    I really dont't like the sound they make when they move around.
  2. One of the things that attracted me to Pandora in the first place was that their bracelets weren't like regular charm bracelets where every charm was a dangle charm, rattling around on the table or desk, catching on sleeves and just generally getting in the way. When they did start introducing dangle charms they were quite small, like the little gold seahorse I have. The fact you could fill the bracelet completely with charms to stop the annoying rattling was also a positive thing, too. Now, the style is for the wearer to only put maybe 5 or 7 max on a bracelet so they rattle around now and the dangle charms are much bigger.
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  3. I agree. Unfortunately i started collecting late, when most of small dangle and real gemstone charms were discontinued. So i had to work with what i could find from discontinued items at pandora stores and jewlery shops.
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  4. pandora lime quartz and gold my bracelet.jpg
    I picked up a few Muranos that were discontinued from a legitimate jewelry store in Vancouver (online) that specialized in discontinued charms. I still have about twenty booklets that Pandora printed twice a year going back to around 2009. I actually recreated one of their bracelets from the books and used the online store to get the green candy stripe Muranos and two dangles that were made from lime quartz. I never bought the two tone with diamonds because I used three other charms which have peridot, diamond and gold which are pandora lime quartz and gold from book.jpg currently on another bracelet.
  5. I never did find the gold dangle birthstone charm with green amethyst and green sapphire. It was $520 so one of the more pricier charms at the time.
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    This bracelet is gorgeous! I'm in love!
    I've never seen these charms here... They were long gone, i started in 2014.

    I managed to get three diamond ring

    They had some crazy priced charms back in the day.

    Here's what i wore today

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  7. I love your bracelet. I was always attracted to the candy stripe Muranos. The colours were beautiful pastels that went with many of the semi precious spacers to make your bracelet look luxe. I'll take some pictures of the pages of the catalogs I have. Some of the bracelets are jaw dropping. Mixtures of gold charms, clips and spacers mixed with enameled charms, two tones and almost all bling charms were semi precious like amethyst, moonstone, peridot, blue topaz, diamonds, etc. I figured some of the bracelets with all gold charms were worth anywhere from 4 to 6 thousand dollars.
  8. Thank you!
    That would be lovely, i'd like to see old designs...

    IMO Pandora Nostalgic rock was one of their best collections. If they would bring it back... That would be so cool!
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    Hello pandora enthousiasts!
    This is my first time posting, but I have red most of this thread. And I have just started with reading the older pandora thread. So many lovely pictures to see Great for some inspiration.
    I had a pandora bracelet a couple of years ago, but sold it because I didn’t enjoy wearing it.
    But, I couldn’t help myself and recently started a new one, and so far I am loving it. I try to find and buy some of the retired charms, I like those best!
    This is my bracelet, I hope to finish it in a couple of months haha! I’m going for a silver with black and pink theme.
    I found another cellphone charm, I really love that one, but so much I need two of the same? Choices choices..

    And yes please post some pictures of the old catalogs! I would love to see.

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  10. Oo it is very very quiet here! I hope everyone is having a nice weekend.

    I celebrated my birthday today and got some pandora :smile:

    The mary poppins bag

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    Trying to keep this thread alive!

    Such a shame that I joined just when the love for pandora seems to have died.

    I bought the mickey gestures safety chain with my birthday money

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  12. That is super cute! I'm not a fan of the chains. They always seem to roll around and get twisted on me, but this one may make me try one again.
  13. Yes they do roll around..

    So I finished my bracelet, as planned with in a couple of months Only... now I know why I sold my previous bracelet, a full bracelet is way to clunky for my taste. So I am taking off more then halve of the beads. Maybe wear it with only the centre filled.

    But if you want to see, this is the finished result:
  14. Hm photo wouldn’t show up so a double post, sorry

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  15. Here is my two tone Pandora bracelet, I’ve had it for 5 years now and I’m about 95% happy with it. There are a couple of charms that I wouldn’t have chosen myself, but they were gifts so I wear them :love: IMG_0657.jpg IMG_0658.jpg IMG_0659.jpg
    The apple charm is Thomas Sabo, but it suits my Pandora :biggrin:
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