The PANDORA thread

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  1. Please
    :confused1:no one?
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    I was Hoping to get the Information where,except from Canada,this charm is available.:girlsigh:
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  3. I am planning to get mine soon! So excited :smile:
  4. Now I really wish I knew, but no, sorry
  5. But Thank you for your answer.
    I will try to get it from Canada somehow.
  6. The first bracelet.
    This is really exciting :happydance:
  7. Hi guys, I'm new to these forums but have been admiring everyone's jewelry!
    I have been thinking about starting a Pandora bracelet but am nervous about all the articles talking about the company's struggles and the popularity of the bracelets declining. Do you guys feel like they are still stylish?
    I'm 38, a soon to be stay at home mom and my style is pretty casual. I wear mostly David Yurman and Tiffany with some costume stuff interspersed but am interested in branching out. I really like the idea of a charm bracelet and the customization and collectability.
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  8. I think this is a tough call to be honest with you. I've noticed that Pandora isn't as popular as it once was and it's not, in my opinion, timeless like Tiffany & Co. However, it didn't stop me from starting a new bangle bracelet late last year although I only plan to put a few more charms on it (it's a very specific theme). I have a regular bracelet that is about 3/4 of the way full with charms that I'm slowly and hopefully going to complete one day. If I were startng a brand new bracelet similar to that one though, I don't think I would do it at this point. I would probably look instead to a company like James Avery. If you like the look of Pandora though, go for it, especially if it's a just for fun kind of thing and not something you expect much return on investment other than enjoyment.
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  9. I love my Pandora Essence bracelet & I wear it all the time. I’m fickle with jewelry so I change the beads on it often. It’s the one bracelet that I wear the most consistently. I must admit tho that my regular Pandora bracelet sits, ignored in a box, along with Tiffany bracelets and various others. My “Pandora Essence” is a keeper!
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  10. I like the old pandora charms that are now discontinued. I still love and wear the two bracelets and one bangle that I have. The bangle is half full and the bracelets are nearly full. I think they’re great and if charms come out that I like, I do buy but this is a rare occasion now as I don’t like the new stuff.
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  11. Sharing my Pandora Reflexions bracelet and lone (for now) charm. Planning to add a couple more in the future. Thanks

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  12. I am actually just getting back into Pandora after a break of a couple years. It became a very expensive obsession and I can feel that starting up again! I actually just bought a new bracelet, the silver with 14k gold clasp, and the 14k gold ingot charm released for Chinese New Year a couple years ago. I always wanted those items and finally decided to just go for it. I was at my local Pandora store the other day and was told they are phasing out the murano charms, which is disappointing to me as i really liked them. Does anyone know if Pandora is also phasing out their solid gold charms? It looks to me like there used to be many more in the past.
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  13. It does look like they're phasing out the solid gold charms.

    So sorry to hear about the muranos. I loved the muranos. Those nice heavy silver endcaps, the uniform size and how nicely they coordinated with the silver beads. But it seems like the number and variety has been dwindling the past few years, and I guess it shouldn't be surprising that they're discontinuing them.

    I keep reading that Pandora is in financial trouble. They cut off a lot of their retailers including the store near me. Guess it's the end of an era (or fad) and the end of a product.
  14. I haven't posted here is over 4 or 5 years. I use to love Pandora but not so much now. I do buy maybe 1 or 2 charms a year but mostly as gifts from Rue La La. I no longer collect Pandora. About 4 years ago I had the opportunity to sell my Pandora collection at a fair price but decided I wasn't at that time ready to part with it. I kind of regret not doing so. I think Pandora messed up when they took the charms away from mom and pop boutiques. I hated going to the mall to buy Pandora. I have 2 full silver bracelets and 1 full gold bracelet. I did not pay full price for my gold charms. I got just about all of the gold charms for 50%-75% from boutiques that lost their Pandora rights to sell. I do not like a lot of the new charms. I prefer the older silver charms. I also read Pandora is in financial trouble. They blame part of it on collectors no longer wear full bracelets. My pastor's wife wears a Pandora bracelet and she has only 4 or 5 charms on it and it's been that way for years. So I agree this is the end of an Era but it was fun while it lasted.
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  15. I stopped buying Pandora when they removed the charms from a local ma-and-pop store I loved to visit. Like you I don't like going to the mall. Going to ogle the pretty Pandora jewelry was no longer a fun break.

    I also prefer the older, heavy silver charms. Seems like the prices jumped but some of the jewelry became cheap-looking. When I look at the Pandora web site there's nothing in the current lines that draws my attention.

    I have two silver bracelets which I still love and wear frequently. But whenever I've toyed with the idea of starting another bracelet I've said no, too expensive. Two is enough. I've also graduated to Trollbead and artisanal beads. These days when it comes down to choices as to where to spend my money independent artists always win. There are so many lovely vibrant charms from other bead-makers Pandora just doesn't cut it any longer.
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