The PANDORA thread

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  1. I agree, I have some Trollbeads, True Beadz, and Ohm. I buy mostly glass from these brands nowadays and only 3 or 4 times a year.
    I also have Troll, as well as True Beadz, Ohm, and Redbalifrog. My favorite bracelet is my True Beadz bracelet. I like Trollbbead glass, Pandora glass always looks dead to me (no sparkle).
    I swear I see all these beautiful bracelets posted on social media but never anyone IRL wear any of these brands. I am an arm watcher. I love to see what jewelry people are wearing. I see hardly any Pandora anymore, I never see Troll, Ohm, True Beadz or Redbalifrog.
    I am currently wearing an arm full of plain sterling bangles and I wear my True Beadz or Troll bracelet often. My favorite brands in order are Troll, True Beadz, Redbalifrog with Ohm and Pandora dead last.

  2. Thank you so much! I agree it’s so weird it’s not threaded, but at least mine isn’t faulty. And apologies, I didn’t get a notification and didn’t realise you’d responded. Thanks again.
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  3. I love Redbalifrog too. In fact my "Pandora" bracelets are probably half Redbalifrog.

    I like Ohm, and there are a lot of beads I have bookmarked, but I haven't actually purchased any as of yet. I already have too many beads.

    I have never seen anyone wearing a Pandora bracelet IRL. Or Trollbeads for that matter. There used to be a couple stores in the area that sold Troll, including a knitting shop and a gardening store. But no more.
  4. Where I live I see people wearing Pandora bracelets all the time—still very common and very popular. But they are normally not fashionable types (sorry!) so I agree there are signs of decline even though you see them everywhere.

    The rings are still very popular with younger people, they also have necklaces which you can fill with tiny charms, sort of like Chopard happy hearts. Don’t know if that’s caught on but it’s s cute idea.
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  5. I started collecting Pandora around 12 years ago. This was before the Big Recession. The recession was what made Pandora focus on a younger audience who had less money. So they did away with the gold and enameled charms, the diamonds and peridots, sapphires and amethyst charms and started focusing on theme styled charms that appealed to a younger demographic.

    They had a pretty slick marketing campaign that provided another bracelet when you spent x amount (probably still do). I am ashamed to say I have about 16 bracelets that I rarely wear. Like you, I loved the older, heavy charms that had genuine stones in them.

    I have numerous themed bracelets that have beach and travel themes, gardening themes, animal themes (remember the Murano beads that had giraffe, tiger and ocelot prints?). I made up a bracelet of LV colours, brown, black and gold. I have a couple of all silver and antiqued silver charms, or all black and silver with a few gold charms. The last two are the ones I wear the most, because they are compatible with my David Yurman bracelets and my Zena of Hollywood heavy silver bracelets.

    I mixed up my designs with some Troll beads which in all honesty were always more beautiful and intricately designed but cost double what Pandora charged. I also bought some Bali charms that work well too. I'm thinking of going through my bracelets to start editing them a bit more because I still love them but the style is more minimal now, only 5 or 6 charms, at the most.

    I am not a fan of the rose gold, electroplated charms hold no appeal for me, I am suspicious of their longevity. I spent enough on Pandora over the years to buy a car! I wouldn't get even a third of that now if I tried to sell them so I'll hang on to them until they go through a Renaissance.
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  6. I’d be interested in seeing some pictures of the older, heavier charms that so many people prefer. I think I’m only familiar with the newer styles.
  7. I'll try to take some pictures of the bracelets according to themes.
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  8. 41C06D5F-6089-4B7A-98FD-D03E88D16068.jpeg
    Here’s my newest bracelet.
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  9. I can't find all my bracelets since I recently moved but here's a good portion of them. I'm not sure how many pics I can post per comment. pandora antiqued silver with david yurman.jpg pandora with muranos gold diamonds and peridot.jpg pandora antiqued silver with david yurman.jpg pandora with muranos gold diamonds and peridot.jpg pandora with gold enamel muranos and chalcedony.jpg

    Attached Files:

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  10. Here's some more. pandora garden theme with gold dragonfly charms.jpg pandora with muranos and amethyst.jpg pandora with animal muranos charms and topaz.jpg pandora garden theme with gold dragonfly charms.jpg pandora garden theme with gold dragonfly charms.jpg pandora with animal muranos charms and topaz.jpg pandora with muranos and amethyst.jpg pandora group.jpg
  11. Amazing collection! :nuts:

    Here's bangle I'm wearing today.
  13. Very nice. I see we like some of the same charms. :smile: Are you using the silicon inserts to stop the clips from moving around?
  14. I have "halfmoon" pandora stoppers but they don't do much, both clips are large and charms are still moving around.
  15. I haven't bought any of the silicone inserts because most of my bracelets have the stops that regular clips attach to. My bangles I just let the charms move around freely.
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