The PANDORA thread

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  1. Has anybody got any Pandora bangles? I'd love to see some pictures, especially of a few worn together! :cool:
  2. The last one was too long and is now archived. For reference you can find it here.

    A few key reminders:

    -This is for PANDORA only, it's not a general chat thread; you can chat here.

    -you CANNOT buy/sell/trade here or via PM

    -do not post what you are interested in selling - this is advertising

    -do not ask for members to get pieces for you

    There have been complaints about subtle advertising in previous Pandora threads - or flat out clear advertising! That IS NOT allowed and you could be banned for this. Also, advertising your friend's auctions is complained about. . . people know this is happening and it's actually counterproductive, makes them deliberately NOT buy because it's irritating to see people promoting their friends only. Thanks for your understanding -and let's talk about Pandora!
  3. Yeah! We all get to start over again, here's a pic from my bracelet

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  4. So beautiful!!!
  5. Love the contrast - the charms looks great on that bracelet :smile:
  6. Very pretty!
  7. I need to get some pics off my ODD but she just bought(well her dh did lol, for her) the cat charm & the crown ring.

  8. Pretty
  9. Anyone taking advantage on the sale. About to buy my first charm and bracelet. Excited.
  10. the promothion starts today, i am going to the store to pick up my preorder, so excited!
  11. just received the minnie and micky safty chain from disney. it was so hard to order it, always gone very quockly!

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  12. So cute and I can't wait to see what you got. I didn't get a chance to pre order. I won't be able to go until sat, maybe friday. I am afraid there will be nothing left. Lol. I wonder if I can get a charm and exchange it later. Incase they don't have what I want.
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  13. i just read the receipt, same as usual which means you can return or refund within 30 days......since this is a promotion....I believe exchange will be fine...and refund gonna be a little be hard
  14. Awesome. Thank you!!!!
  15. come on, everybody, let's show your new charms from this promotion:smile: