The PANDORA thread

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  1. MoraPandora is still around. Although she goes through brief periods in which she's busy and doesn't post for a spell.

    Leann who published Charms Addict became a mom and I think she became overwhelmed. She was also working full-time. She hasn't posted since 2017 but the blog is still there and there are ads, so it must be generating some advertising dollars for them. But I did notice that the archive and older blog posts were removed. I miss Charms Addict. Her blog was my favorite.

    The gal in the UK who publishes Endangered Trolls ( became the web and p.r. gal for Great Lakes Boutique charm jewelry store in the US. She still does regular for-pay postings for a number of bead brands that are Pandora-compatible like Ohm, Redbalifrog, etc. But she doesn't cover Pandora.
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  2. This is mine. Just got my first pandora bracelet yesterday. Four is my lucky number, so four leaf clover represented it. Panda is my “nickname” for my boyfriend. And flower is my name meaning :smile:

    Anyway, do you wear your bracelet everyday? And can I wear it when shower or bed?

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  3. Thank you! I didn't know Mora changed to a different site. I miss Charms Addict too... it was also my favorite. Thank you for filling me in.
  4. I wear mine to bed! Love the panda charm
  5. What do you think about Pandora shine collection, in terms of wear and tear?
    It's 18 carat gold plated over sterling silver.
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    I will double check to be sure, but I don’t think that it does. I actually remember being surprised at that myself!

    Edited to add-

    I just looked, it is not threaded.
    Also, I apologize for not replying sooner, I post via the phone app and my kids are always clearing my notifications when they play on my phone!
  7. You can wear it to bed, but given the possible wear and tear, I don’t. Many others do, so I would assume it’s safe enough though.

    As for showering with it, I believe it’s not recommended. Pandora has an fairly thorough care guide, I have one in the back of an old catalog, but I would think it’s probably also posted somewhere on their website.
  8. I had the bracelet and two Charms.The gold has peeled off.
    I returned it.
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  10. Does anyone know where this charm is released?

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  11. @LizO... thanks, this looks bad. How long did it take to peel off? Did you wear that charm everyday?

    I have pandora rose ring but i don't wear it everyday. Rose gold is plated over metal mix with copper so i think wear and tear wont be obvious...
  12. It took approx. 2 month. I wore it every day.
    I exchanged for Pandora Rose and I don‘t have any issue.

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  13. Great, thanks for sharing your experience. l definitely won't be buying shine. It's not worth the money then.

    I like your bracelets! Rose one seems so elegant.
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  14. Thank you