The PANDORA thread

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  1. Has anyone seen or have the new Reflexions line? I really like the look of the mesh bracelet.

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  2. Pandora watch from days gone by:
    Still love it! (There is a tiny little black diamond on the crown)
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  3. I did a search for Pandora styling tips online and I am astonished at how much hate there is for Pandora pit there! And I do mean hate! The recurring them is “trashy”. Oh well. Love my Pandora
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  4. Yeah, people love to hate on it! This happens when anything is as ubiquitous as Pandora is. I don’t own any Pandora but each to their own. I expect most people who call Pandora generic don’t say the same thing about Love or Juste en Clou bracelets which are just as common in affluent circles.
  5. I have a gold pandora bracelet but I am thinking about getting the shine bolo. I have a silver bolo bracelet and love how easy it is to get on and off my wrist. Any thoughts?
  6. My Mickey and Minnie bracelet in honor of Mickey’s 90th birthday. IMG_2433.JPG
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  7. Hello :smile: I wanted to ask if the bracelet gets tighter when you put charms on? I am talking about pandora essence. Thanks ♥
  8. All of my bracelets are tighter with charms, plus the more charms the tighter the bracelet becomes.
  9. Thanks for the answer ♥ I can't wait to buy some
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  10. I loved mine when I bought them now I rarely wear them. I need to pull them out again!
  11. Looks like I’m a bit late to the party.
    I know this has been mentioned before but I’m sad to think that Pandora is losing its appeal.
    They had a good sale over Black Friday weekend and then the free limited edition bangle promo recently and I haven’t seen anyone post recently :confused1:
  12. I think it depends on the crowd. On TPF maybe not so much but it’s still very popular. There is an outlet near where I live and there are always queues to get in, no matter how early you arrive. And I still see them on a lot of people.
  13. Yea there’s always a line in my local store especially this time of year.
    Just sad to see it’s not doing so well on here because I remember the days when this thread was so active
  14. Pandora is losing quality. :sad: Rose and gold plated jewlery, zircons... It's a "no" from me. That's why no one is posting.

    People are buying discontinued charms in outlets, hence the queues...
  15. I just purchased a new silver charm and a silver bangle cuff. It looks the same as my old charms to me :/
    Maybe with other pieces? I can’t see how they can cut corners on sterling silver charms