The PANDORA thread

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  1. I wear my Pandora bracelets pretty often- mixing with Tiffany or Links of London. I haven’t bought any charms recently since most of my bracelets are filled. AND I know if I go in the store I’ll become addicted again lol
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  2. DH actually came to the mall with me today - I almost passed out. He hates the mall. We walked past Pandora and he said Thank God you’re not into Pandora anymore! Haha
    His bank account took a hit a few years ago from those charms- and I drove him crazy stalking charms online!
  3. [​IMG]

    This is how mine currently looks, I’m close to outgrowing it and will have to eventually get another bracelet. I’ve been eyeballing the new Mickey and Minnie open bangle, it’s really cute!
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  4. The Mickey and Minnie open bangle is really cute!! I thought about getting it as well. TFS your bracelet it is very nice.
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  5. Are those Mickey and Minnie hat charms Disney Park exclusives?
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  6. Thank you!

    And yes, the Mickey and Minnie hats are park exclusives, I purchased mine from someone who was splitting their bracelet up, but I believe they are available through the app too.
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  7. Hi :smile:

    I still love and wear my Pandora bracelets and buy new charms - but I do prefer the old (discontinued ones). My new "oldies" are Jolly Santa and the Christmas pudding.
    I change my charms every season atleast.

    I would love if this tread woke up again, thank you for new posts :smile:

  8. Hello!
    I’m currently working on a Pandora Disney theme bangle. This is what I have so far...

    Attached Files:

  9. Very pretty!! I love the muranos!
  10. The chariot is one of the charms that has been and will be on my wishlist for ever :smile: I love Cinderella theamed bracelets with the blie snow-flake like murano and the sparkling shoe :smile:

    Could it be my next project...:smile:

    My travelling bracelet has a new clips and safety chain.

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  11. Can I ask, does your Mickey sorcerer’s hat charm have threading inside? I just bought this charm at Epcot but it doesn’t thread on to the bracelet, unlike the Mickey and Minnie hats. I’m wondering if mine is faulty or if this is standard for that charm. Thanks!
  12. I love pandora especially my rings. :love: 20181229_193015.jpg 20181229_191023.jpg 20181229_191143.jpg 20181229_191444.jpg
  13. 941D1561-55D9-4787-A943-383B944FF5BB.jpeg I just bought some charms in the sale. This is my bracelet at the moment but I will reshuffle all the charms. I love how cute they all are!!
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  14. My new ring. :heart::love: 20190103_203644.jpg
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  15. Do you guys know what happened to both the Mora Pandora and Charms Addict blogs? They just... stopped.
    I miss this thread so much. I hope you all are enjoying your bracelets. :smile: