The PANDORA thread

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  1. I think they are very stylish and wouldn't let the fact they are on the decline stop me getting a bracelet if I loved them. They can be fun, dressy or casual. I have quite a large collection of gold and silver bracelets but haven't added any beads for a few years. I've loved collecting personalised themes.

    I still wear a Pandora bracelet everyday and like Bella says they looked great stacked. I wear mine with Tiffany, Cartier, a black pearl bracelet and a few others. I also think they look gorgeous worn alone.

    This used to be a very busy, popular thread but it's really dwindled in the last few years. I used to love coming on here for inspiration from everyone's bracelet. The lack of interest definitely shows where Pandora is going. I've sold some Pandora as I did go a bit too mad on them at one time. I don't think of any of my jewellery as an investment, most of my higher end pieces were purchased for me as presents and I wouldn't think of selling.
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  2. Did you ever find your bracelet or get a new one?
    I'd be very sad too if I lost one but I think I'd try to replace as much as I could and try to enjoy creating a new one. It's difficult finding redundant charms though. I've had to resort to evilbay sometimes.......... risky with so many fakes on there.
  3. UK sale is on at the moment. I have bought so many gorgeous two tone charms and bracelets. Every time I say I’ve had enough Pandora they put on sale beautiful things that I never thought would be on sale!
  4. Here’s my Pandora. As you can see, it’s absolutely full to bursting! The charms from R side of clasp round to L side (as pictured) are:
    Flower spacer, London bus, princess crown, turquoise murano glass, birthday cake, koala bear, horseshoe, fan, Star with blue stones, clip with blue stones, turquoise enamel butterfly's, duck, blue stone spacer, rose w/white stones, midnight blue murano glass, butterfly cameo, cow, blue topaz, turquoise enamel, clip with blue stones, ‘Sweet Sister’, black MOP hearts, 1/2 butterfly ‘friends forever’, crown, blue hearts murano glass, dragon, flower spacer, kiwi bird, and my safety chain w/14K hearts on.
    I need a new bracelet. This one has lengthened with weight and age. I think I’d like to get a different colour theme too. Maybe purple or pink. Not too sure.

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  5. I am a huge fan of the sliding clasp/bolo style bracelets! I have one in silver and just bought one in Shine. I plan on putting all my gold charms on the Shine. Next is a Pandora rose!
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