The Official Rebecca Minkoff & Team Discussion Thread

  1. Hi girls! Thank you for all the warm welcomes!!

    As Sarah mentioned we have some great new web exclusives on the site now that we are really excited about. Take a look here -

    Let us know what you think!:smile:

    - Nicole
  2. Cute avatar! I'm sure that those of us whom have never met you would love to be able to put a face to the names now. :smile:

    FYI: Nicole's on the left and Sarah's on the right.
  3. This means Rebecca Minkoff herself will be chatting with us too? That's nice!
  4. Hi Nicole & Sarah!!!

    Will we be seeing Codi making an appearance in here, too?

  5. Hi Nicole, Hi Sarah. Don't mean to be pushy, but I was wondering if you have been able to find out anything about the bag in question. It is currently my avatar, but I don't know how well you can see the snake pattern. Again, please forgive me, I am just seriously stalking this bag. Thanks so much!
  6. Hi Cocolo

    We've done a bit of extensive research and we are truly stumped :confused1:! It seems to be microfiber snake print, from our fall 2009 season but we just cannot find any record of a purple snake print being produced. If it was from this season, it would have had the bird lining.

    We are thinking that this may have been a special exclusive, or maybe even a sample.

    Sorry we can't be too helpful, good luck in your search!!

    - Nicole
  7. Cocolo,

    On the My Obsessions Boutique website under preorders the is an RM Covet in plum snake-I wonder if there is a plum snake Nikki?
  8. Thanks Nicole, I'm starting to feel better if it was indeed microfiber and not leather as it had been represented. But I'm still going to search, and it I do find it, microfiber or not, it WILL be mine. Thanks for all your help.

    And thank you coachgusstogirl, I'm headed over there now. :smile:
  9. 1. I have a MAB with handles stretched out. Would I be able to pay for replacements? The rest of the bag is in perfect condition.

    2. Would RM consider making a lighter version of the MAB or MAM? Maybe mini-hardware, or nylon?

  10. Hi ladies!

    How does the RM team feel about offering the choice of "upgrading" to finished tassels on bags that normally come with plain tassels?

    Also, how open are you to providing replacement tassels? I would be interested in purchasing some finished tassels to replace some existing ones I have.

    I realize both questions I've asked are hard to answer given the matching of leathers, etc. I just think it'd be cool that for anyone ordering a bag on may have the option of short/long, plain/finished tassels. :smile:
  11. It reminds me of the special w-hotel glam line that was indeed microfiber
  12. That does look just like the 'leather' that the Nikki was in. I am less obsessed. Thanks HGG. I will probably grab it, if another one pops up, or the buyer returns it because it isn't leather as advertised, but I am definitely less obsessed. It is still a lovely bag.
  13. Hi cola262,

    For any inquiries like this we need to know a little bit more about when and where you purchased the bag along with some photos if possible. You can fill out our repair request form with all of the above information and it will be submitted to our CS team. You can read more about our policy and fill out the form here -

    Our design team is working on a nylon MAM for our upcoming Summer collection. Nothing is finalized yet but it is in the works and we will pass on the suggestion!

    - Nicole
  14. If I could personally talk to Rebecca herself, I would say please make more of your classic bags ALL the time. I was lucky enough to score a gorgeous black smooshy leather MAB 'old school' with the FDL lining and blue zipper, and brass hardware on eBay. It's this bag that got my attention with RM in the first place and really makes me long for those bags. If these older style bags were to ever be reproduced EXACTLY as they were back in the day, I would only buy these bags because they're so functional and beautiful at the same time. I'm not sure but I think the black and white floral canvas lining was the most popular and I would love to see RM use something like that as her 'signature' lining. A lot of designers have one specific lining that belongs to that brand. Is that something that Rebecca would ever consider doing? Best wishes to Rebecca!! I just saw the fashion video on her website and when she came out at the end rubbing her belly, she looked so adorable!! :smile:
  15. I agree with Antonia, I'm very excited about my Wine Mini MAC coming in the mail, and hope that a wine Mini Nikki will be in the future...

    One of my favorites RM bags is my Mini Nikki in Rose with light gold signature hardware and blue and white lining. The leather is thick, soft, and a gorgeous color. The signature hardware is so beautiful, and I hope that hardware will return someday as well, so a new generation of Minkettes can discover it, too! I only find out about these older styles through TPF, not from department stores or