The Official Rebecca Minkoff & Team Discussion Thread

  1. Welcome to the RM Team!!

    I know it's early, and we usually don't find out about Sample Sales until a week or two before, but is the NYC one going to be the week before Thanksgiving as it has been in the past? I'd be forever thrilled if it was!
  2. Hi RM Team! I bought my daughter the moss mac, she absolutely loves that bag but recently the leather strip broke, the part where the gold loop is placed for the straps to attach to. Is this something that can be repaired and is there a charge?
  3. Hi Team!
    I am excited about Rebecca's venture into other areas. Are there any plans for leather dog accessories, especially collars - not only for little dogs but also for big guys like mine?
  4. What a great question.. I would love a RM collar for Bruno! :nuts:
  5. Second that!
  6. I'd email
  7. Hi Team,

    I was wondering if you will be producing any more mini mac bags in black with silver hardware? Seems so hard to find nowadays and I have literally searched EVERYWHERE!
  8. Can you imagine how cute Bruno would be in a Destiny Studded Collar to match your bag! And Smokey could totally rock a Black Basketweave collar!
  9. This is so cool to have the team back!!! And congrats to Rebecca and her bundle of joy!!!

    I have a question... well more like a request. Is there any chance of you making a distressed dark green leather? Something similar to Scarlet, the original Teal or Sunshine? Seriously, I would die!!! My heart would literally stop beating and I would lose consciousness and pass out.

    And then I would come back to life a few seconds later and buy it. ;)
  10. Yes!! I mean, they definitely are the coolest 'kids' on the block already but can you imagine how handsome and stylish we will think they are?! :p
  11. I agree knas. This kind of green would be cool! :smile:
  12. I third knasarae's idea - I would buy a distressed green.
  13. knas, have you seen the pictures of the new Forest leather? It's a gorgeous distressed dark green leather as seen here: