The Official Hayden Harnett and Team Discussion Thread!

  1. I'm sure no one from the company will come on here and talk about this. One of the saddest things I can think of right now is that the reorganization gave him ownership of the designs and the power to do anything he pleases with them. Even sadder is if they just end up among the "create your own" offerings on his website.
  2. :crybaby:
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    Totally spot-on, enga4


    I believe it's time to us my last coupon code to get a "true" HH product....
    gonna buy another case for my IPhone :smile:

    New info:
    So, I just tried purchasing the IPhone case and my code - that I got in mid April does not work. "Chatted" with Joanna and she needs to forward my code to the IT dept. to activate so I can, it MAY BE THE CASE that our older codes will need some assistance in order to "stick". It's never easy....LOL! GRRRRRR.
  4. I had a pre-order code that didn't work when I first tried. I had to contact them and they "re-activated" mine, too. It did work after that. I wonder, though, how long they'll honor those codes from before the buy-out.
  5. I was told today that HH's internal system was changed 6 months ago and all credits over 6 months are no longer valid. This is concerning as I was originally told the credit was good for one year. Seems HH is changing their tune. I'm trying to work with CS but am getting no where. I can't get past a particular CS staffer who only tells me no.
  6. I don't believe anyone has heard an official response to this issue, but speculation is that when HH went through bankruptcy reorganization, outstanding store credits, GCs, etc, might have been written off as debt. A couple of people are trying to figure it out and see if there is any legal recourse. How much store credit did you have outstanding?
  7. A *very* interesting read about Sigerson Morrison:

    "Through Avalon Group and Savigny Partners, investment banks that acted as matchmakers, the two women met Mr. Fisher, who was building a mass-market shoe company. In addition to its own label, Marc Fisher Footwear also produces shoes for brands like Guess, Tommy Hilfiger and J. C. Penney.

    It seemed an odd fit: the high-end princesses aligning themselves with a more plebeian sort, one of the footwear garmentos known in the industry as “shoe dogs.....

    WHAT is a designer label worth without the actual designer? The Sigerson Morrison brand is about to find out. "
  8. ^^ that is a really sad story.
  9. That was a very interesting read.
  10. Wow, that is sad. On the upside, hopefully a line will be developed called Toni Hacker...(and not by Jeff Silverman either :smile:)
  11. Definitely a sad tale.
  12. Hope so!
  13. ^^Bizarre......lazy/bad writing/publishing.

    So, out of curiosity, I took at look at the HH website and it's the same old inventory. I called customer service and asked what's going on since there's nothing to sell - and was told that they are switching over to "made to order" only. When I pressed for more info - she really couldn't answer any of my questions.
  14. Hello, HHotties!

    I hope this post finds you at the end of a wonderful summer and on the brink of a beautiful fall.

    I am very happy to personally report that I will be returning as creative director for Hayden-Harnett effective tomorrow!

    Just thought I would pop by and share the happy news. I have many changes planned for the brand and I am very excited to begin working on new ideas and collections for Hayden-Harnett under our new parent company, AHQ.

    Much Love,