The New Mila

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  1. Haven’t seen it. Just wanted to drop a note though as I agree. The saffron with blue contrast lining is amazing.
  2. Wish the logo was not as it it. Prefer if it was engraved in the same color as the bag and not centered. Overall style looks similar to a Birkin to me.
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  3. Have not seen in person. Looks gorgeous but it’s open top I think which I hate.
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  4. It only shows on Aus site when I select the vert colour. Weird.

    IMG_7312.jpg IMG_7313.jpg
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  5. I do wish it had a zip. Sigh. But it is growing on me the more I look at it. Hopefully my store will get some soon.
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  7. IMG_7217.JPG
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  8. I want this in the rhubarbe.
  9. I love this bag- do any colors come with silver hardware?
  10. Where is the rhubarb available? Not sure I see it online
  11. It's available in the PM size. I don't see it in MM.
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  12. Thank you! I see it— lovely color
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  13. The more I look the more I'm tempted. Especially the Vert Acide and Safran. Still none in my store to handle, so I would be buying blind. :confused1: