The New Mila

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  1. hey dear friends

    has someone news and pics about the new mila? I think it looks awesome....

    I think it would be a great alternative to the capu?
    please share your opinions
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  2. This bag is absolutely stunning, like a cross between the lockit and city steamer. I'm trying to enact my "I can appreciate it, but don't feel compelled to buy" mentality, so I can't wait to see reveal posts so I may live vicariously through others.

    I saw these posted by lvj12 on instagram. Should be released next month, different colors will be different sizes (PM or MM) and part of the permanent collection.
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  3. I read the pm size is $4,400? I’m out :sad:
  4. love all those colors
  5. I want the galet one with shw
  6. thanks so much for all the infos
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  7. These are cute!!
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  8. They are STUNNING:heart:
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  9. Wish they made even half these color options for Empreinte
  10. Love the color options! Not sure about the price tag..
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  11. it‘s like the capu - right?
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  12. Beautiful and elegant. I wonder if the chain is removable? The only thing I think detracts from the overall aesthetic.
  13. Looks like I’m in the minority here, but I don’t like it. Between the the lock, plaque, chain, clochette, studs, and luggage tag it’s way too busy for me. I love all the bright colors though!
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  14. the chain is removable, saw the camel and saffron ones last weekend
  15. I saw exotic examples of the PM and MM size on Saturday and the SA said the chain clochette could be removed as I commented that I didnt really like that :smile:
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