The New Mila

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  1. No I didn’t get, it’s PM size
  2. Bag weighs quite a bit, the knots on the sides aren’t necessary, took much going on the chain but that can be removed, lining is very well made, love how the strap is placed at least it’s not diagonally like the capucines,very comfortable on crook of arm and on shoulder.Hth
  3. Yed
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  4. Yeah about the same
  5. Such a beautiful neutral color!
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  6. Love the purple one but too rich for my blood - I do not think I could bring myself to spend that amount on a bag.
  7. Yess!! And the interior lining matches too which is a plus...
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  8. It really is
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  9. thanks for the info
  10. I wish they left out the studs and the LV logo at the bottom, there's too much going on!
  11. Thank you got your thorough review. I got to see and try on both sizes earlier in the week. Reminds me of the Montaigne in a way. Love the beautiful array of colours but the style I’m not sold on.
  12. From the picture, seems the lock can be placed either at the center or on one side. I guess when it's placed at the turn lock, you can not open the bag? Maybe someone can confirm
  13. Yes thats correct you can put the padlock on the turn lock which will then lock it shut
  14. #60 Nov 20, 2018
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    Has anyone seen the Milla Pm in saffron in the US? If anyone has the item number can you pls share that as well? It’s the only color not on the website and I’m obsessed! If anyone has any pics they can post to help enable I’d greatly appreciate it. TY!!
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