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  1. Hi, did you get to see this colour in real life? I have my store getting the vert acide and rose powdre in for me to view. Now I'm thinking the rhubarb might be worth a look too. :biggrin:
  2. Unfortunately no! This bag is sold out in stores close to me so I may have to buy it blindly even tho I’d rather see it in person first. Keep me posted on how you like it enabling welcomed! Lol
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  3. For those of you who wanted to see rhubarb here is a pic. I saved it from when a member posted it, but I’m sorry to say I can’t give her credit as I don’t remember the name. Hope she doesn’t mind me reposting it. Pretty color!

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  4. Thanks miss_chiff. Looks gorgeous too. I do think all the colours are stunning on this bag. :noworry:
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  5. Please, please, please take lots of interior pics:heart: I so want this bag but can't get a good feel of how roomy it is (even with the posted measurements).
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  6. This may help you get an idea, though it doesn’t show the pocket/compartment that the lock secures...
    (Not my Instagram)
  7. That Safran with royal blue interior is amazing!! I saw the teal MM in the boutique. It is a gorgeous bag, both the color and construction. I tend to like roomier bags, and this truly fits the bill. I didn’t think it was too heavy either!
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  8. Thanks!
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  9. Thanks again mc... this has definitely excited me seeing the large open interior. Safran looks gorgeous.
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  10. No problem Terri. I pretty sure one of them will be coming home with me. Just need to make up my mind about the colour.. lol.
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  11. I ordered and prepaid for the PM in Vert Acide. So now I have to be patient and wait as none in Australia atm.
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  12. The pm looks bigger than the dimensions listed on the LV site
  13. I can't wait to see!
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  14. This was me!! I will happily share a few more pics of the bag tomorrow once I open the box under our tree!! The waiting is killing me!
  15. I bet! I'd never have been able to last that long. I cannot wait to see all of the reveals of this beauty!
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