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  1. Wow Hanna that is great news that we can paint over patent. I've been wanting to find out about this too. Your shoes are gonna look awesome with the crystals. Can't wait to see more pics.

  2. :happydance: I wanna see!!!!!
  3. hanna, hi ::waving furiously::! So good to see you're strassing your alti's. They look gorgeous so far. I've done a pair of flats, so if you need help, just let me know.

    Laurie, I still think the hematite will be gorgeous on your shoes. There are so many decisions to make when you get to this stage, but you're only doing a small amount of shoe, so you can't really go wrong. They'll be beautiful!
  4. Believe "you're doing.......". LOL! I do think they will be really pretty.
  5. Hellooo ladies!
    So I am thinking about strassing my Peacock Biancas and some Black Decolletes.. Does anyone have advice on which color crystal matches most closely to the Biancas? I am having a difficult time deciding which shade to choose :sweatdrop:

    Also, for those ladies who have strassed their heels with black crystals... What is the difference between Jet and 'Jet Hematite'? Which do you think would give a nicer effect?

    Any advice would be great appreciated :flowers:
  6. Okay....I really need help for this....My absolute CL dreamshoes are the Pigalle Platin strass ones that Baggaholic has (link to Baggaholics Youtube video of them )

    I know this is a serious DIY project, and Im a DIY virgin, so I really hope you´ll all help me :graucho:
    First of all: Which pigalles should I get for this to work? Im thinking some satin pigalles, obviously, butwshich colour? What strass should I get (which size - what colour - and where?) Which glue?

    Im really sorry about all the questions, I´ve tried looking in the previous DIY thread, but its a bit hard to find exactly what Im looking for. Any help will be much appreciated!

    TIA :flowers:
  7. Hi Zoe! If you go back to the original DIY thread where Melia started the "Strass Bug" you will see that this is the exact shoe/material she used. HTH to give you some ideas and finished project photos;)
  8. Hi girls, I have just bought black patent pigalle and I'm considering srassing idea :smile: do you think it will be possible even they are patent? Or to dye it? Thanks :smile:
  9. I've been wanting to do this same project :biggrin:

    I frankly find it *infinitely* easier to strass on satin, using Gem-Tac glue. The best base color would be silver or very light gray satin, but white would work too. I believe the crystal used on the original Platine Pigalles is Swarovski Crystal AB (clear with aurora-borealis-like reflections.) You can buy those pretty much everywhere, most of us get our crystals from eBay or Dreamtime Creations.

    That being said, I've been stalking eBay for a pair of white or silver satin Pigalles for months, but no luck yet. I've never even seen a pair in a different size. If you find some in non-patent leather, it's easy enough to dye them white or silver using Tarrago or Meltonian spray. It's also easy to paint/airbrush darker-colored satin with Jacquard Neopaque paint (which is my plan B as well.)

    Good luck!
  10. Yes, it's possible. Many of us have strassed on patent, using either E-6000 glue or Gem-Tac. It seems most like Gem-Tac but I've never tried it on patent.

    If you look back just a few pages, Hanna is working on a project that involved painting her patent CL's, and the result is quite good. I believe she used the kind of acrylic spray-paint meant for model cars (ingenious!)
  11. I'm getting the bug, too. I'm starting to think about doing something with my patent, No. Prive slingbacks. Aagh!
  12. You should!!! Are they black? :yahoo:
  13. Yes, they are black. I'm thinking jet strass.
  14. Thanks so much SLPCeline, thats very helpful! Could you possibly PM me the seller that you use on Ebay? Ive been trying to search Ebay, but couln´t find anyone selling strass crystals (maybe Im searching the wrong places or words) TIA :flowers:
  15. Hi Ladies, i 've been dreaming to strass my Multi-Miniglitter Titis ..
    Is it possible to strass on top of the miniglitter ? or it is better or dye it before starting?
    Any ideas/suggestions from our lovely experts?
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