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  1. Thank you, jet, lav and slpceline! I do think I want to go with something more sparkly than jet, and leaning towards black diamond. I think the black cosmojet might be interesting too.
    Jet, let me know what you think when you check out the chart.
  2. rdgldy: at the end of it all, you will be wearing them, you know your wardrobe, your personal taste, etc. I am sure whatever you choose, they will come out lovely :hugs:
  3. Hello Ladies! I just purchased these Miss Caroline from a lovely TPF'r and would like to dye them. I'm guessing the canvas should take very well to color correct? I'd like to dye them a dark mustard yellow (how yummy for fall!). However, because I'm not working with a completely light base color do you think they'll dye to yellow well?

    Also, any suggestions for dye brands? I've tried Tarrago before (but used it to dye a leather handbag) - but anything better? Especially since I'll be dying fabric?


    Miss Caroline.jpg
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    rdgldy, I agree that Jet just doesn't have depth. I think the Black Diamond is gorgeous and so is the Jet Hematite. Black Diamond feels like it reads a little warm. Indian Sapphire is a little cooler and very pretty. It is pretty much a Grey with a slight bluish tone to it.

    I don't have a sample of the Cosmojet. :sad:
  5. Okay, I looked at my loose sample of the Black Diamond and it is not too warm. I think the other one I was looking at was reflecting off the others on the card.
  6. Hihi! When I read the first sentence of your post I thought someone was saying something bad about you, Jet: that you don't have depth! I thought how stupid someone would have to be to insult a moderator on their own forum! :p

    P.S. *LOVE* the picture in your avi, Jet, so chic!
  7. Indian sapphire sounds pretty too. Decisions, decisions.
  8. L, welcome to the DIY side!!

    I'm away for a few days and we have a new thread and everything!!

    I have a sample of Cosmojet and while it looked interesting on screen, it's quite strange IRL. The sides of the crystal are basically black but the top (the single flat surface other than the bottom) is clear. As in empty. As in you can see -inside- the crystal. It's very strange and I don't understand what the effect is meant to be but it doesn't sparkle or anything... :shrugs:

    Anyway, Jet is beautiful and sparkly but not in a flash way. However, I think (Jet) Hematite would be amazing. I've been itching to do something with it for a long time...

    I can't wait to see what you choose, I love new DIY projects even by proxy!!
  9. Thanks, popsicool!! I believe my choice will be jet hematite. Now if only the shoes would get here. Let the fun begin!!
  10. hehe I had the exact same thought - then I was like, wait why is Jet insulting herself? :p
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    Finally worn...will post in proper forums
  12. gorgeous!!
  13. They are just beautiful, gh!

    Ok ladies, I finished my glitter VPs, but I feel like the glitter keeps coming off on everything. I sprayed the shoes with sealer... What else can I do?
  14. Have you tried hairspray? Yesterday was the first time out in the mean NYC streets and the glitter held up well.
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