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  1. I did! Perhaps I used too much glitter.... :push:
  2. Looking great, GH!
  3. rdgldy-muchas gracias
    much obliged jena and Jet- a few more projects to come.
  4. looking fab! job well done!

  5. OMG OMG OMG!!! My heart is pounding! :sweatdrop::death:

    I just taped off and sprayed the first layer of acrylic paint (used for painting plastic models) onto one of my Altis! It looks okay, but I need to wait for 15-30 minutes for it to dry before I apply a second layer. Going to leave it nearer 30 as I want to be sure it's totally dry as I may have sprayed a bit too heavily. In fact, I'm heading out in 30 minutes so it'll have quite some time to dry!

    For those that don't remember - this is the pair of patent ice blue Alti 160s with the plethora of marks on them. The plan is to dye/paint them black and then strass them with Jet cystals.

    Pics later...
  6. Exciting!!!!! :smile:
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    Ladies I must say the DIY thread/s are seriously very inspiring and there are so many creative gals here!! :love:
    I am thinking of starting a project but had a few questions I'd like help with...

    For ladies who have strassed the entire shoe, do you find that where you have strassed the shoe near the bunion area of your shoe, the crystals have/will fall off when you bend your foot (from normal walking motion)?

    Also, if anyone could recommend a place (or e-bay seller) to purchase the crystals in order to strass my shoes that would be most appreciated!!
  8. I get mine from a lady called Marci, her email address is

    Her prices are the lowest and she's lovely to deal with!

    Good luck :smile:
  9. Step one of my first ever DIY project is complete!!!

    For reference, here are pics of the original shoes. You can't see all the marks on them but there were plenty.


    So, dying was out of the question. However, a friend suggested acrylic spray paint ala model paint (he used to build and paint model cars etc).

    Here is a during pics:


    And here is the finished product!



    They are not perfect. The edging isn't spot on and you can see where I sprayed a single bit on the back of the left shoe! But they're being strassed so they're good enough for that.

    Next step is to get them reheeled (black taps) and some vibrams put on. Need to order some red ones from the bay.

    I've ordered the first lot of crystals, all Jet.

    SS6 x 1440
    SS8 x 1440
    SS10 x 1440
    SS12 x 1440
    SS16 x 100

    I went for 100 only of the SS16 as I couldn't see myself using a full 1440 of them but will have to see how I get on. In honesty I've no real clue about how many I should have ordered of each but I've read that each shoe can be 3000-6000 crystals and there is a lot of shoe here (Alti 160s in size 40)!

    Can't wait to get started. :yahoo:
  10. Hanna_M I'm so excited to see them finished! They look great so far. :urock:
  11. Hanna - looking good so far! I am excited to see them when they're done!
  12. I think they look good, so far. I can't wait to see them as you start adding crystals.
  13. Hanna_M you're doing great!! Looking forward to seeing more progress pics!!
  14. They look great so far Hanna, the paint worked really well, can't wait to see when they are all finished!
  15. they're looking great after step 1! can't wait to see how the strassing goes. you're a lot more brave than I am...I can't take that first step...yet.

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