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  1. Wow! They are looking amazing! I cannot wait to see the finished product!!
  2. Hanna,
    your shoes are looking great! I am also trying to order some Jet crystals so that I can strass a pair of my shoes too! Really looking forward to seeing the final product :biggrin:
  3. Hanna, you are off to a great start. I can't wait to see them progress.
  4. Hanna, they look amazing!!!!!
  5. Ladies!

    I'm still deciding between which shade of black I should use :push:

    Has anyone done a DIY using Jet and Jet Hematite ?? I was thinking, maybe use Jet Hematite for the ss16 size to make them 'pop' out a bit... Any ideas?

    Thank you! :heart:
  6. I will be using jet hematite on my ciprias-will post once they're done.
  7. I would recommend Jet Hematite but not in combination with Jet joanniii
    Go for J-Hematite ;)
  8. My back is killing me but this strassing is addictive!

    One heel and a 2" wide band above the heel done so far. Got to remember to do some of my chores instead of sitting here swearing as crystals go flying across the room!
  9. Hanna, You are doing a GREAT Job sis :nuts:
    I would like to ask about the way and the speed of placing the crystals.
    Tell us briefly how do you place them ?
  10. Cheers Seductive!

    I'm using GemTac but squeezing a bit onto the end of an orange stick (the kind you use for nails) and then applying to a 1cm square (give or take) area. As to the placement... the crystals are VERY close together as I want a full on sparkly look... apart from the few SS16 I have four sizes and am trying not to have more than two of each size touching (doesn't always work but it's a guide for me anyway), excepting the very smallest SS6 which is used for 90% of the borders and as fillers for little spaces.

    There's not a lot of planning... I'm just going by whatever size space there is and filling it in! Oh, and I'm trying to have the larger sizes around the SS16 make it flow a bit better... hope that makes sense!
  11. Thank you sweets . My next project will be something Gold but didn't find a pair yet !
    Can't wait to see the final look of your Altis :yahoo:
  12. Thanks for the tip! Just quickly, what is the main difference between the two shades? I have seen stock photos but it is very hard to tell the difference :-s

    Now the next dilemma, I need to decide whether to strass a pair of Simples, Decolletes, or Biancas (:nuts: ) Though if this is going to be my feel special/like a princess/million dollars shoe I would like it to be something I wear on special occasions only. :flowers:
    Suggestions ladies ? :sweatdrop:
  13. Hanna by the sounds of things you are doing a great job! And thank you for explaining what you are doing as well, because this will be my first project as well and I will need all the tips and advice I can get, so that my shoes turn out nicely :biggrin:

    Keep up the good work!
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  15. Would you be looking to strass over them afterwards?

    The only reason I ask is that the spray I used has a very matt finish and also scratches off so I wouldn't want to have it as the final finish for a shoe, only the base for strassing over. I'm sure you could get spray with a different finish but I'd still be worried about it scratching off easily.
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