The Movers Are Here--Time to Post Pics

  1. While the movers are here, I felt I wanted to post some pics of part of my collection in case it doesn't make it to Arizona...well, here's one anyway..I'll keep trying as they are dismantling the house from around me...
  2. ^^ :nuts:
  3. So pretty...are you getting homesick already?:p
  4. I'll try for the next few. These dang movers keep interrupting me!!!! Can't they leave me alone to gaze upon my beauties for a little while longer....:crybaby:
    20070111_IMG_0284.jpg 20061215_IMG_0288.jpg IMG_0114.jpg IMG_1362.jpg
  5. Gorgeous, I would just stare at them all day:girlsigh: The first one is amazing, I've never seen it before!
  6. ooh la la
  7. :nuts::nuts::nuts: nice arm candies :drool:
  8. Gorgeous!! Best of luck with the move.
  9. OMG!!! What is that first bag?!:nuts:
  10. Last ones for now...I hope the smaller Bolide left out deosn't take it personally...
    IMG_1376.jpg IMG_1425.jpg IMG_1415.jpg
  11. Yumm a ROOONY luv2shop!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It just gets better and better! Wow! Love your light Birkin - is it VL? What's that color?? And that suede Kelly - Oh My GOSH!!!!!!!!!!!!

    ^^^Look at how CUTE you are! LOVE your Bolides!!!! I'm in Heaven here :smile:
  12. Why didn't the 32 HAC load?:cursing::confused1:
  13. Lovely bags, good luck with the move.
  14. icechick: It's a farmer's/farming basket PM. I had never seen it before I bought it, and have never seen it since. Anything in vache natural I have to buy, a bracelet, a bag, anything!!! I haven't used the bag yet, though. I keep going back and forth about treating it before I wear it...but that's another thread...:rolleyes:
  15. What a nice collection you have!!