The Movers Are Here--Time to Post Pics

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  1. Yumm a ROOONY??:blush: That has to be the best compliment I have gotten in a loong time! Thanks Katel! Yes, the natural is VL. And how are you and your little Plume Elan doing today???:graucho:
  2. luv2shophandbag, I love your very varied collection. It is dreamy! Good luck with your move - I'm sure everything will go like clockwork.
  3. It's just about the coolest bag I've seen in a long time :nuts: Good question about treating it or not, I would be worried sick :Push:
  4. NinjaSue: Thanks! Everything is going like clockwork from that Dali painting (the one with the melting clock...)But in about 10 days, we should be almost settled in at our new home in Scottsdale! (Where there is an Hermes opening soon!!!!:yahoo:)
  5. Good luck with your move luv2.
    Fabulous collection - thanks for the pictures.
    What do your boys (Avatar) think of your bags??
  6. What do your boys (Avatar) think of your bags??[/quote]
    That they are not to touch them!!! (They are rather messy littles ones..and fast!!
  7. ^^^Good Luck on your MOVE and luckily it is not that hot yet. Beautiful bags, and thanks for sharing with us!;)
  8. Love, Love, LOVE your farming bag, Luv!! So cool!!!
  9. Fantastic collection. Good luck with the move.
  10. Wow ,what a great collection...good luck on your move...:yes:
  11. I love your collection and always love to see your action shots!! Have a safe move!
  12. Beautiful collrction! The Bolide is so pretty!
  13. wowza! thanks for posting!
  14. lovely collection!
  15. You are super adorable with your bags! Thanks for sharing and good luck with your move!