The Movers Are Here--Time to Post Pics

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  1. Such A Magnificent Collection!!! Thank you so much for sharing!!!!

    I know what it's like to move from NYC (or @ least the area!)....But, I am so happy w/the move....there's nothing like the warm weather all year!!!!!!

    Lots Of Best Wishes To You & Your Family In your New Home....Can't Wait To Hear More!!!!:heart:
  2. Whoa- your HAC is sooo beautiful!
  3. Fabulous collection! Thank you for sharing with us! And wishing you all the best on your move!!!
  4. wonderful collection.I love all your bags!Good wishes on your move.
  5. Good luck on your future move and hope everything transitions seamlessly.
    Such beautiful selection of H purses.
  6. luv2shophandbag--You have a very beautiful collection.
    Best wishes and luck on your move. :smile:
  7. Thanks to everyone for your good wishes! The tPF fairy must have sprinkled me today because the movers couldn't finish everything in one day, so they are coming back tomorrow morning, and I have my computer tonight!! So far I have seen CB's Hawaii loot, Ninja Sue's Las Vegas loot, revisited gucci's BIG haul, checked back on icechick's 1923 and Japster's red romantic outfit! So much eye candy!!! What will I do from tomorrow till next Wednesday without my own computer?:crybaby:
  8. Such a gorgeous collection, I can only dream of a collection like yours! The Etoupe Bolide is just fantastic.
  9. Beautiful collection!
  10. Stunning collection! Good luck with your move!
  11. beautiful collection. good luck w/ your move!
  12. gorgeous bags! they are sooo amazing, especially that bolide. All the best with the moving, i know how hectic it can be!

  13. I've just been reading through your posts until I saw this...yesterday I saw the most beautiful Bolide, a 31cm in vache naturelle. I have never seen one before. I have a 31cm VL Bolide so I'm not looking to buy another structured Bolide. My SA knows how much I love Bolides so he got it out of the back just to show me, it was 3,800 or 3,900 euros I think. It had contrast stitching, I wish I had photographed it. It smelt divine too. I can see why you have fallen in love with VN. This baby was in France but I can give you want phone number if you want; I'm not sure how feasable it is to get stuff from France to the States. Good Luck with your move.
  14. Good luck with the move...
  15. Gorgeous collection! You have a great eye for Hermes; Le Farming is one of my favorite styles. Still kicking myself for passing on one in Barenia a few months ago, but it's definitely still on my radar. Yours is just stunning!