The JADE thread!

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  1. This is so beautiful CRose. You must be so happy.
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  2. Hi Jadies! I’m on vacation in Myrtle Beach, SC and I’m loving the pics. Fra Ba your new bangle is such a lovely lavender. Gorgeous! You’re so lucky to visit and shop for jade in Singapore:smile:
    Smokie Dragon I like your bangle and the little strip on it - like a way of sunshine ☀️
    CRose - beautiful pieces as always! That peach!
    Have an awesome week Jadies!!
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  3. Hi there my friend! Thanks so much! I found some clear envelope seals with her initial and put them on the top of the corks. I’m truly happy for sure and I honestly can’t wait until this wedding is over LOL.

    Guess what? My son proposed at myrtle beach :biggrin: Enjoy your vacation! Thanks again!
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  4. Oh wow what a coincidence! This is our fifth time in Myrtle Beach - a lot o Canadians vacation here. The kids love it and we have so many special memories in Myrtle Beach. I’m sure your son and his fiancé do too:smile:
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  5. Yes, thanks! I remembered your words that night and thought of it as I'm not the owner the Hetian bangle was supposed to find :biggrin: Your wedding favors are lovely and have made me smile! :biggrin:

    Thanks so much, ladies! :biggrin:
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  7. Hi, This just came in the mail from alohamemorabilia. It's a lavender, green, yellow bangle and it glows.

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  8. That’s great! I didn’t know that was a favorable Canadian vacation destination. We used to go every year but the drive was a killer. My son and his fiancé’s family still go every year and they do love it there. The next time I go, it will definitely be by plane. It’s a great place to visit for sure :smile: Enjoy my friend!
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  9. You’re so welcome :smile: Thank you so much for your kind words. I hope she likes them, they were pretty fun to make. I surprised myself, coming up with this idea LOL.
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  10. Beautiful bangle :smile: Love the color combination!
  11. Thanks, I thought I was a nephrite bangle person, but this bangle has such beautiful texture and a translucent quality that reacts with light, and I just love it.
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  12. Thank you :smile: It was quite an experience to be able to buy jade in person and not online
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  13. I like the combination with the gold hinge and also the gold bangle! I'm thinking about buying a gold bangle in the future to stack with my jade ones. Do you feel that they are constantly "Clacking" against each other? Do you mind about it? I'm working in an office with many people and concerned about noise while I'm wearing each jade bangle on another arm until now nobody said anything about my jewellery..
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  14. The gold bangle is very thin and delicate and makes a tiny sound. I don't notice it. Ive worn other bracelets (beads and gems), with my jade, that make a lot of noise and bother me so they dont last on my arm very long. This gold bangle works for me.
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  15. Hi Jadies! Shopping my collection today. I’ve never worn these before, but I really like them together. Jadeite feels so strong and solid to me, while nephrite feels so buttery and soothing. I know I’m a weirdo lol. Wearing jadeite today Have a great day Jadies!

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